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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Year(s) of Living Gamerously

I am transferring my modelling posts from my LiveJournal account to Blogspot since it is clearly the new hotness. The intent is a "best of" from a blog that other than a few good friends, no one reads. I've had a couple years of great productivity to the point where I am painting more figures than I am taking in. Maybe as I get closer to getting caught up, I can do the same with all those terrain projects I have lying around.

I do not profess to be a great painter and modeller. It takes talent and skill to be such and I only have skill, developed over two decades of minature painting. If my works were going to grace the halls of famous Golden Demonslayer Awards, they would have done so by now. What I do put out is a slightly better than average product at a pretty good speed compared to how little time I have to dedicate to the hobby; I have a wife and three kids and they are my priority, as well as a job that, until recent years, has bled heavily into my private time. These last years I have been lucky to get more time off, but that most likely will change.

A short history on the name. Meridian Prime is the homeworld of the 13th Regiment, 169th Founding of the Meridan Prime Mechanized Cavalry; my Imperial Guard regiment. Notably, the 7th Battalion (the bloody 7th). American history buffs may not a resemblence in theme between my unit and an Army unit of days of yore. This is to capitalize on my horrible losing streak in a way that gives the army flavor and adds a touch of humor (their motto: "If there's a massacre, we're there!").

Comments and constructive criticism will be welcomed, but I will tell you that for some of my more audacious pieces, don't tell me you could have done better unless you are willing to step up to the plate and try it yourself; if you can do better show me and my hat will be off to you. Otherwise, keep your armchair hobbying to yourself.

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