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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Roundup

Bit of a slower year (and some data issues interfering with the count).

Nearest I can guess I am at:

Figures: 80
Vehicles: 23
Terrain Pieces: 35

It was a slower year due to work and other issues but I think next year is going to start off with a bang. More to follow soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Toys For Tots 2015 and Other Stuff

This year the theme army I signed up for is Necrons. to

 photo C0F3AF66-38DA-4C9E-8CA7-63A7C4DC4678_zpsknzuwke3.jpg

 photo 50E610D9-76D8-4360-8F24-1015C177A8DE_zpsnokplvob.jpg

 photo A0670C2B-A862-4D72-B3D3-18CBED73070F_zpsufmjcupt.jpg

In other projects, repainted some old figs
 photo DE251378-CE14-45F0-8478-CD7B272BAEB2_zpsprmxdwig.jpg

A Storm Talon for my Ultramarines:
 photo 78AFD512-194C-45EE-81BB-70074DA207A3_zpsxituqpwf.jpg

And some more Faux Talons for David's Imperial Fists
 photo D494668F-F23E-48C8-A09C-4D2903949F03_zpstx1km2l7.jpg

Lastly, some forest/death world/jungle terrain. I need to paint the tops black to symbolize that it goes all the way up and add some lichen forest it out somewhat but at this stage it is functional.
 photo 86B8DF91-9C0C-4443-859B-EDFE5C877A07_zpsb4eyuhyx.jpg

Monday, November 2, 2015

Wait It's Been How Long?


Okay where to begin.

Summer of Despair kind of petered out as I took on several projects for friends and the FLGS.

First thing was to knock out some stuff I've had assembled since last year:

Some resin control and medical panels from Antenocity's Workshop that I got as part of my Deadzone Kickstarter (the original one so that shows how long I've had these).

 photo EF26F2B3-1D3C-4E23-BCB2-8EB72567DD47_zpsps1ncn5j.jpg

These guys I assembled back in 2014 I think and they sat around forever (sometimes the motivation is just not there!). They are the bodies for the troops that came in the Robogear boxed set (great conversion bits there) and Cadian heads and arms. I plan to use them as Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

 photo 8CD97C02-9FF8-44A4-B089-CAF216C95F3F_zpsgldbuook.jpg

Knocked out a Contemptor for David:

 photo 79DBB523-671F-45B9-A358-945C74667B95_zpsgzk6bmaz.jpg

The dumpster is from Reaper's Chronoscape line and was a delight to assemble and paint. Usually this sort of thing is in resin and as such more expensive. These are made from the same or similar plastic as their Bones line but is a little more rigid. I pre-ordered this as well as a police call box and a shipping container. If I like how the container looks and paints up, I may buy a few more as it would be very useful for warehouses, storage areas, ports, etc. and again much cheaper than other options for this sort of thing I have seen.

Put together this scratchbuild using a Republic Shuttle and parts leftover in his Fire Raptor:

 photo 0E2A3D8A-32CE-43A4-8853-A7E5C12E25E3_zpsivy43lx4.jpg

 photo 9F17B0BD-1014-4F18-BCDB-1FAA8A8EBB70_zpsyycojbg3.jpg

I rebuilt a jacked up Skyshield from my FLGS and painted it. What you see is essentially the only usable parts left on the model. The stands were gone, the shields were gone. The tower was built using spare parts of mine and what was left on the sad, sad thing. I had to cut off all the areas where the shields connected. It was a lot of work but the revised version is pretty solid (in the physical sense; it is going to get banged up a lot at the store).

 photo 30719661-60C3-4969-9A83-1A03949120AA_zpsexcjgyi1.jpg

I got started on building ruins for the FLGS; it needs some work still and has gone to the back burner due to the upcoming Port Maw Narrative Apoc game up in San Antonio. More on that to follow.

 photo 864D26B2-96D0-477D-A239-01E1469359A2_zps6ijfnbos.jpg

 photo BCB0C7CB-7030-49B5-8E6B-5FA924548AB4_zpscjzwp0vz.jpg

And lastly knocked out another Talon for myself:

 photo 78AFD512-194C-45EE-81BB-70074DA207A3_zpsxituqpwf.jpg

There is still more to come. I did some repaints of Inquisitorial and Rogue Trader era figures, some more Faux Talons for David (just need to paint the pilots-putting them together was the most challenging part), some giant trees for terrain, a ton of emplacements for David, but most importantly my contribution for this year's Toys for Tots; Necrons. With December being the deadline I promised they would go to the front of the list in November and as such have started assembly. I want them done no later than mid month.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer of Despair; Black Legion Sicaran and Friends

With the Spring of Flyers done, the Summer of Despair begins!

First up is one new and one converted Chaos Biker. I now have a definite champion figure for the unit to keep me from having to guess. From here on out my champs will be marked by the helmets of fallen loyalists on their bases.

 photo 30274C0F-63AE-4541-AAE0-6F14D0702819_zpsyqdoc0vv.jpg

Also included are two Havoc made using Anvil Industries Exo Lords Autocannon (available here: http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Heavy-Weapons/Exo-Lord-Autocannons)

I will probably pick up another pair for a squad of four.

Next up is my Converted Black Legion Sicaran. After picking up this prize* (nice fixer upper-just had a brightlance hole needing to be patched up-see https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6217936658114330398#editor/target=post;postID=6100575520962292767;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=1;src=postname), doing so repainting and adding a hood ornament (something the Warpsmith found lying around on the battlefield) this thing is ready to continue to ravage Lemnos. But first we need to deal with the pesky Eldar.

 photo C019852C-5437-4897-A016-B291C3847AFB_zpsflxdblst.jpg

 photo E2EDA24F-02BB-474F-A353-A02CA8208246_zpssdlyzgh6.jpg

 photo 5C211D71-0F0D-4EC2-BE1A-919B14568D51_zpszd4asgyq.jpg

 photo 8D9E65DF-259F-4F24-B8C1-7811602C4CBC_zpsbdefhcdz.jpg

*Note this is a totally new model. No existing Imperial Fist paint jobs were painted over or defiled to make this one.

Ultramarines Fire Raptor

Spring of flyers comes to an end with this baby; about drove me mad with assembly and had to start from scratch twice but finally slapped it together.

 photo 8CAA7CF4-F546-45A0-AFB0-F1836D66EB2C_zps4nnh6brj.jpg

Monday, June 15, 2015

 photo Schedule_zpspxsb8tol.jpg

I got way behind this month between work and doing up some terrain. Not sure if we were approached or we went to them (restraining orders and all) but we are providing terrain for Wargames Con's Narrative Event. One of our group's members (The Coastal Bend Heretics) Ryan did the majority of the assembly and I came behind and added some bits and then painted them up.

Below are some WIP shots and the final product:

 photo 4137FB8D-2B7F-4998-B09B-B9DB49D935F2_zpsucp30zud.jpg

 photo 58ED5F95-27F2-4781-B6B6-162C53C01CD1_zps1khx5hus.jpg

 photo 22F220D8-C12D-41F0-8167-A1189E53D0C1_zpsk4do1hye.jpg

 photo 1205F307-8DC9-41B8-A8E5-9B9266A6B6D4_zpss4xlazgk.jpg

 photo 8D338FD9-FFAE-447E-8A37-0384DE4B01D7_zpsboytzure.jpg

 photo 8CD70F93-C3C8-417A-AF9A-ECF0D85B39C0_zps62yhgwcg.jpg

 photo A673F8AE-B04E-4258-A9BF-85B109E7730D_zpsujvynywt.jpg

If you get a chance to play on the terrain, I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it up for you. Try not to look too closely at the blemishes.

Catch Up for June

 photo Schedule_zpspxsb8tol.jpg

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Spring of Flyers Continues

A couple years ago GW was rumored to have a Summer of Flyers. Like most of the GW rumors it turned out to be bunk (although the flyers did come). I decided to do my own spring of flying based models. I also have been doing some tank work for David who plays Imperial Fists. The results are as follows:

 photo B3214DB3-357B-402B-AB71-9350110C3B5C_zpsubuljily.jpg

 photo 6576E9B0-6437-4250-850F-B1901F231EB2_zpstapzgjqd.jpg

 photo 18CD3695-CCB7-4099-970D-5A4D11C153AC_zps0rlqryys.jpg

 photo A8386FEC-8A8C-4F3F-8FD7-949E2DB2FC1F_zpsccxlts1k.jpg

 photo 1498814D-781E-45E4-98D2-09EC09ED2DCB_zpspzkymfpw.jpg

 photo AB5EB006-CD93-4607-A055-30B6656D7C39_zps5okcic0x.jpg

I plan to follow up with some Faux Talons for David and then one final huge flyer (followed by some jump infantry-not quite flyers but hey, whatever works) and by then Spring will be done and maybe I'll get caught up with some boxed sets for summer.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Horus Heresy

Here are all of my dedicated Horus Heresy Ultramarines and vehicles in one spot. I have other models that can do 30/40K double duty (land raiders and drop pods).

 photo 0ACA9E97-6232-4151-BC55-F36F74B26F8C_zps5if5n2me.jpg

I don't have much faith in them but hopefully the rumors of a 30K boxed set will turn out to be true and I can finally get the rules for less than a pound of gold. Speaking of which, yes I have cheated by using figures older than half the players, third party products to 30K-out my figures and recycling stuff that dates back to the Rogue Trade edition. They are still GW enough to be legal (barely in a couple cases).

Coastal Bend Heretics

Below is a link to the blog for the group we have just started locally. Inspired by similar groups like G3 Santa Cruz we wanted to create a positive organization designed to promote 40K in our local community.


Friday, March 20, 2015

The Liberation of Lemnos Part Four: Honor the Fallen

As the dust settled on the battle at the Chaos Temple and the wounded began to moan, their pain resonated across the tortured world. "You summoned me scorcerer?" the Warpsmith asked. The purveyor of the warp turned from his auguries, some technical, others more arcane and bloody. "An opportunity has arisen. The filthy Xenos have done our work for us. To the south the Corpse God's followers are laying in their own blood." The Warpsmith smirked, "I would prefer to have killed them myself but that does save the necessary time and assets. What does this have to do with me?" "The Eldar care nothing for what they left behind. A treasure trove of bodies and equipment...to include a Sicaran. It will be a fixer upper but I imagine you will enjoy the challenge of filling in the bright lance holes. Take what equipment you find but bring me the bodies." He waived ambiguously at some braziers in the corner, "I have my own needs for them."

The Chaplain listened to the reports coming over the Vox. Damn those pointed-ear bastard! They would pay for what they had done later but with almost an entire company down and a sacred relic of the chapter there was not time. He rallied his remaining troops. "We launch. Now!"

 photo DFB8634F-0BA2-4133-B45E-DC47676C5B61_zpsoitcsge5.jpg
 photo 587AEE12-70F0-498A-A9E2-59733ED17E62_zpseisdx0b0.jpg
 photo BDCA38D7-D339-4247-AD06-50D2681266DF_zpsxgfrrujq.jpg

The chaos troops took position with the Havoc squad setting up on a hill, covered with the bodies of fallen Fists. The chaos terminators moved into position at the second pile of bodies. The Rhino with the tac squad drove towards the Sicarn laying stricken in the middle of the clearing. The Rhinos and Land Raider of the Imperial fists crashed into through the trees and the Imperial Fist Devastators took the high ground on their side of the field. The Havocs open fired with their las cannons on one Rhino, crippling it. The Defiler opened fire with its battle cannon, killing four of the Devastators outright.

The Imperials fired back but failed to cause any damage.

 photo 2A55DC43-11DA-42E6-B7EA-A3310B5B717C_zpss4wrmhdb.jpg
 photo 9A2ECDE4-FF70-4A86-8B26-BBAE5D33C69F_zpsig6zhtgl.jpg
 photo F43DA93E-59BE-430D-8A63-E50C4AD93D76_zpskczi4maj.jpg
 photo 77167E10-5422-4069-9AC4-0FBA8808A318_zpsmvh3jy5s.jpg

Overhead, a Heldrake screamed and swooped towards the crippled Rhino and its deployed squad. Balefire scorched the tac marines and they broke, their bodies covered in unholy flame. The Havocs switched their fire to their uncorrupted kin and cut down the last of the devastators. In turn the Imperials' Land Raider opened fire on the Defiler, wounding the fell creature. The first of the Imperial Fists Storm Talon joined the fray but it's fire was ineffective.

 photo 833CF5AE-7267-4EB5-91D1-76F46AA7057C_zpszs3ts8d6.jpg
 photo B4C0E2AD-84A8-46DF-8BC6-66B7A4E344B1_zpsi3whvllu.jpg
 photo 089CAD0B-FE9E-4A37-AEA7-E625039C802E_zpszvrw5ms8.jpg
 photo 72881A89-26C7-4AB3-BAAD-D0E6DCBD0E4D_zps0jtkir9i.jpg

The Helldrake turned and raked the Storm Talon with its claws, smacking it from the sky. The Defiler fired it's battle cannon at the nearest Rhino, causing a hull point of damage and killing another of the Tac Marines, soul fire burning another to death. The Tac Squad showed the resolve of Dorn and rallied, returning to the hill on which their fallen brethren lay. The other tac squad opened up on the chaos bikers, killing one with the machine spirit of the Land Raider cutting down another.

 photo 5DC7CDE3-E959-4859-A41D-02BE0BB390DA_zpsv0fzmmp6.jpg
 photo D8AAEBAE-C58C-4CD5-833F-8895029BC900_zpscz6pzlsz.jpg
 photo F4A685C7-CCB5-46B6-B8F1-10A124A9A2DB_zpsxuw0gehl.jpg

The Havocs cut into the tac squad killing four and the chaos biker took another. However the tac squad took out the remaining bikers. Two more Storm Talons and a Storm Raven dominated the skies. One storm talon cut down the last biker before it could reach the Tac Marines in front of it. The Storm Raven took its revenge on the Heldrake, riddling it with holes until it was a flaming wreck. The land raider fired on the defiler which failed to wound, its previous one healed by its demonic powers.

 photo 3DCB4E8C-2304-4A4C-B116-979147665947_zpstimti0ja.jpg
 photo 52D8E0EB-DF3E-41FB-A099-8DCBE4A749DD_zpsux7orubk.jpg
 photo 2324AEDA-E94B-4311-8C15-4398E36459B6_zpsvfecsf5s.jpg
 photo B5236544-BE5F-4323-8F76-9F918EE909A0_zpsybqlvaed.jpg
 photo A29B5CE7-A993-4E35-8E8D-1A2B79206C0E_zpsvx6xbilg.jpg
 photo AFDCB326-E629-470B-BB9E-7654CBD8A995_zpsf6tldmsm.jpg

The defiler charged the land raider, ripping it open like a ration can, trying to get to the sweet meat of the Chaplain within, which the rest of the Chaos Hoard either held onto its position or traded impotent fire with the Loyalists. All Imperial fists opened fire on the Havoc squad, trying to rip them off of the hill but three were left standing. Drawing from the courage of their champion the managed to hold position. The chaplain charged the fell robotic abomination in front of him but was cut down by its dark power.

 photo D56A0E9F-6EA9-46CE-A196-AC752206E7B7_zpszjzso8bc.jpg
 photo F30BBB8D-D0F4-4584-B665-7B72ED556362_zpseoptwybx.jpg
 photo E82E8C2B-F6A1-4790-8E25-CE1825E5D054_zpsoimcxyze.jpg
 photo D9E31C03-365B-49FD-AAB9-B35BA0F86E7E_zpsgdbxrxkx.jpg
 photo ED9C1B29-A1DB-42C2-921F-16AE4F9D2958_zpss7zdmige.jpg
 photo FEED5BEE-65F2-4B4D-9857-A4134A9B5DF2_zpstnl3hn0y.jpg
 photo 882AD9E2-D714-4E6B-9E5E-C9AA5AB742EE_zpsccojd4ta.jpg

The Imperial Fists quickly dragged their wounded and the progenoid glands of the two groups that they held on to then fell back, knowing the day was lost.

Darkness fell on the battlefield. The Warpsmith ran his hands along the hull of his new prize. There would be rites of resurrection to be performed, or failing that, rites of demonic installation. Either way the garish yellow of these loyalist fools would be stripped off. Perhaps something in the way of black. And Spikes. Yes definitely spikes. And maybe a hood ornament made out of the fallen Fists if he could find a body no too beaten up.

The sergeant dragged the body of the Chaplain back to the awaiting Storm Raven. They had lost a Land Raider which stung but that the Sicaran was not in enemy hands was a disgrace he would not soon forget. Miraculously the Chaplain had survived! Hope for Lemnos remaned, so long as the Iron Hands prevailed they would cast the forces of Chaos from this system, but it was time to call for reinforcements.