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Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the Year Closeout

My final count for the year is 234 figures, 14 vehicles, and 17 markers.

The year ended as it began with some Tyranids. I did up another Tervigon (yes, even though rumor has it they are doing an actual model, I wanted mine to be consistent) and with a Tervigon comes the need for Termigants and with Termigants come rippers.

The big project was my Harpy with magnetized weapons:

Lastly, the Hive Tyrant is old but the magnetized boneswords are new, making him a Swarm Lord on demand. It also pretty much cleaned out the last of my rare earth magnets. I need to get some more before the go up in price.


Next year I am starting with some Ymargl Genestealers using Chapterhouse heads (got them before GW dropped the IP hammer) and a Venomthorpe then it's back to Chaos with a little IG tossed in for good measure.

Happy New Year to you all.

Monday, December 13, 2010

November Ended With a Bang But December is a Bit Slow

However, I finally finished the following:

First is my last 2010 Motivation Challenge, some chaos objective markers. Nothing says "chaos" like pillars of blood crystals, severed heads, mysterious plinths, and of course an eight-pointed start just sitting there on the ground.


Next up are four more Chaos Space Marines. I have more of these left to paint than I really know what to do with. Starting to think that it may have been a mistake to do so many...


Finally rounding out my force are some raptors with oop orginal style-fresh-from-the-Horus-Heresy-stylin' jump packs.


Not sure what's coming next so stay tuned.