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Monday, May 1, 2017

40K Scale Cargo Ship

I decided I wanted something to flesh out the airfield/starport I built. Next up, I need a couple of industrial sized landing pads. The size of the main cargo secion was specifically designed for the GW cargo boxes to be able to fit. Theoretically the sides fold up and a lifting device slides the boxes in.

 photo D7286528-15FD-4C67-BBE1-D9E8735665E1_zpspsbdywor.jpg

 photo 3A3CD472-68C9-4D69-A738-236F593C7D97_zpsinsfa55m.jpg

Still deciding on if I want to model crew for the inside. Plenty of time to go back and add later.

 photo AE4F4D5D-4C4B-4CF3-99E2-C69D47AC56F7_zpsmkfjnow3.jpg

Clearly the engines will need to be overhauled. This was my first time to try this technique. Not super happy with the result but it was a worthy experiment.

 photo 549258EC-A6C4-4E8D-B79B-370B60BB1556_zpshoxa7cjo.jpg

 photo 4CD73E6B-B2C4-4C11-998F-643813E79C40_zpsjqu2oigw.jpg

And anyone who knows my work should have anticipated I was going to build two. Because I did. So there.

 photo F4870FF3-AD35-4BA6-BAAF-282D918E37CF_zpsbmdkz2xn.jpg

 photo 426D923E-2915-4173-A96E-38E2B2BD35E5_zpsjsbjr9lt.jpg

 photo 9763903D-C99A-4762-9BDA-CC13B9C16FE4_zpszrl0npxp.jpg

Construction started as some Star Wars toys, plasticard, tons of bits, and lots and losts of super glue and polystyrene plastic.

 photo 9E111765-C719-4A94-99CA-2AE1B1C611D5_zpsamwaavix.jpg

 photo B72DC812-5203-449E-84B4-D7E57FB2FD7F_zpsrlbfz6hu.jpg

I stripped the toy of spare bitz to reduce weight on the cargo section (I reinforced it and the details I added helped but I didn't want to stress the body). I foresee the parts making their way to an ork Gargant or something. Lots of good parts.

 photo 2343F449-F5A7-423D-A84B-B6AFD702BED1_zpssc4zgelk.jpg

 photo F21BE425-3A45-41BB-8240-B95486CAB613_zpsqwvlxurw.jpg

 photo 48C2E3EA-F515-4FAC-957D-D5F6C8DF409D_zpsketsxlxl.jpg

 photo 1E4BD368-41D7-42C5-BE20-926F712CE2A5_zpsl6npf606.jpg

 photo D67AB260-3FB3-4B5E-BCCB-1A1D505A16EC_zpsya7w68qo.jpg

 photo EB117C0D-9CF9-4C50-AFC3-3E7FE021F9FA_zpsvldretcq.jpg

 photo 2EF0864F-89E4-4D0E-8DCD-933B2C66163F_zpseyfxdiz0.jpg

 photo AAC2B7ED-09B3-4DCF-9098-E8E1594839FE_zps98x5mbiy.jpg

 photo 6149938E-E778-4748-BAEF-4A4C5632546A_zps3xu7ekmz.jpg

 photo F471E8D3-DB38-4A8E-B037-F54608C5FADA_zpsvmbobrua.jpg

 photo 936EB086-ABB8-4FFD-946F-552380D4E8F6_zpsfwe4kiim.jpg

 photo 48F1796B-459F-4CC7-BC3D-9AF1C70DD6A5_zpsoqutpmaz.jpg

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Non-IP Infringing Moisture Vaporators

Completely original. In no way inspired by a major film franchise.

 photo F81855EC-A59B-499D-BB42-F52803E7852E_zpsoomoxdim.jpg

In no way inspired by continued watching of Rogue One.

The project that has sidelined my progress is mostly done; I will be posting in the next couple of weeks.

It was made of used dry-erase markers, drink lids, PVC pipe sections, wooden squares from Hobby Lobby with plastic squares glued over it and details added to that, rings, and of course GW bitz.

 photo 5170BAAB-1D67-47A4-9CB1-D699E0902B14_zpsrcwn782a.jpg

Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017 Is Off To A Slow Start

But will be ramping up quickly.

I knocked out a bunch of my son's Space Wolves in January.

 photo C7396123-4CED-4F3F-9064-738AC5B07749_zpsblbofgxk.jpg

Year of the Bug has been delayed but the delay will be epic.

I got inspired by Rogue One to do some particularly themed terrain which also ties into the Spaceport Project. I have terrain I new realize I made two years ago and now need to paint it. Considering the projects I am finishing assembling and about to prime, the time is now.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016 Roundup

Final count for 2016 (estimated):

Figures: 222
Vehicles: 23
Terrain: 24

Figures were way up this year. Vehicles about the same with terrain pieces down. For 2017 that is going to change.

First off I have a job change so my life should go to a much more 9-5 workday (8-4:30 but you get the point) with no weekends, evenings, or travel for work expected. Plus a pay raise of sorts (the old job was commission and paid for garbage for the amount of work being put into it).

Already I have built four vehicles for a friend (I don't really count those since I'm not painting them-they go in a sort of grey area).

My goals for 2017 are as follows:

1) Paint all my 2016 purchases (not many left so that should be easy)
2) Paint all my 2015/2016 built but not painted terrain
3) Declare 2016 (or at least the first half) the "Year of the Bug". I have some great Tyranid figs (maybe this year they will get a decent codes) and Genestealer Cult figures plus I want to round out my AM figures as allies. I have some great plans for Port Maw next year in this regard.
4) More Terrain. This fell a little by the wayside although the pieces I did build (train set I am looking at you proudly) I am really pleased with. I have some factory parts from a Mantic Kickstarter I want to turn into actual scenery. I might expand my jungle bases a little as well.
5) Build another dream project. This year I got two done; the train and the overpasses (awaiting painting). This year I'm thinking of among the following: a) Crashed Imperial Spaceship b) Modular City Base Board c) Scratchbuilt Warlord Titan or d) Leviathan/Capital Imperialis (just wish there were updated rules for it).

Other projects will include finishing off my current batch of Ultramarines and my son's Space Wolves that he got for Christmas and some I got as blood money for those tanks I built. Seriously Ryan-can't you buy used Rhinos from people who know how to put them together?

Overdue by Several Months

So this is most of what I finished out 2016 with. I say most of because there are about 30 more chaos figures I pumped out for Port Maw that I never documented to include a greater demon, some blood letters, regular Black Legion, and Berserkers of Khorne that I just did not take pictures of before I had to pack them away for the trip.

I did achieve my primary goal of painting all of the figures I bought in 2015. I failed however to paint all the terrain I made in 2015; the airfield pieces got left behind. No matter, I will get them caught up as part of this coming year.

 photo E14DBC69-092C-4DC0-81B2-4B287F5CC7A0_zpsuarys5ep.jpg

 photo 4983FC77-F30D-4D3D-A7A0-97FD4DA92346_zpslxfqxvmu.jpg

 photo E1660588-9F15-49AB-A2C0-DC3697E54ACE_zps6otuvy97.jpg

 photo B23585A8-F232-4F07-9361-C67006F64912_zps7ezlrmxj.jpg

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Overpass Made Easy (and Cheap)

There is an original piece of Horus Heresy Art, I think done by Paul Bonner, that has a what was once thought to be Stormbird dropping off assault troops. In the forefront there is a damaged overpass. That and the fact that I live in Texas and they are required to have one every ten square urban miles I have inspired me to make some for ages.

However as a gamer I want something that looked decent but did not cost a lot of money plus was easy to store. I finally came up with a plan that is inexpensive, it just may take a long time if you want to save some money.

Makes: 6 feet of overapass in approximately 2 foot sections
1 2ft x 4 ft MDF board
2 1/2in x 1 1/2in x 8ft length of wood (or similar)
2 1/2in x 3/4in x 8ft length of wood (or similar)
12 deodorant containers
3/4 in long wood screws

Wood Glue
Tape Measure
Sand Paper
Goo Gone(tm)
Dish Soap
Safety Goggles
Water for dehydration
A first aid facility within blood loss distance


If you have a table saw, cut the 2x4 of MDF into four equal corners (should be slightly less than 1ft x 2ft each due to the blade taking out about 1/8 of an inch of wood. Note: If you have your local DIY store cut it for you, they guy, even though you specifically tell him you must cut down the middle, will screw it up slightly.

Cut the 8 foot pieces to match the length of the resultant boards long ways. They will be the rails and the support on the bottom of the board. I made three sections and had some left over. You will use this for additional detail on the bottom. Strongly recommend you cut and label each section to match its specific MDF section.

Using the clamps and wood glue and after deciding how you want the rails (the 1/2in x 3/4in x 2ishft) lengths to fit, glue them in place.

Let dry 2 hours or overnight (I live in south Texas so they baked in well enough to remove the clamps in just a couple hours. Using the leftover 1/2in x 3/4in sections, I custom cut lengths between the bottom support beams. This provided lateral support so the structure does not eventually start to sag down the middle.

 photo 82D52096-A5D8-48FF-90C6-26076122EC04_zpsoamaex1r.jpg

 photo 55273279-5154-4790-AEBF-E1E2E6C62D6A_zpsbbey0cfn.jpg

Remove the lids of the deodorant containers. While the sections are drying, peel the stickers off the side of the deodorant containers. Use the Goo Gone to remove the residue. Wash with dish soap and let dry overnight. You don't have to use deodorant containers. I chose so because 1) they resemble the base of the Skyshield in size and shape 2) Using the lids will make them easy to break down for storage-you'll see in a moment 3)My terrain now smells manly, or at least clean. NOTE: Manly smell no significant enough to overpower M:TG players that may be nearby.

 photo 5589A6F3-D663-4447-BA96-1823A4A86366_zpsaslk7tlp.jpg

Now that the sections and lids have dried, measure out where on the bottom you are going to want to place the supports. I recommend centering them about 1/2 foot from either edges; the effect looks like the supports are about a foot apart when it is all together, but it also distributes the weight evenly so that your heavier models don't flip the whole thing over.

After laying out and marking the center point, drill holes in your lids, then go back and drill pilot holes in the wood to avoid splitting. You will want to do two holes per lid.

 photo 36D098CF-EE4F-4B1B-B138-5F5993799111_zpsmzeqpc6d.jpg

Using the short screws, replace the lids on the holes and screw the lids into the wood. If you feel necessary, you can glue as well but I think for the most part the screws are sufficient to hold it in place.

 photo 36D098CF-EE4F-4B1B-B138-5F5993799111_zpsmzeqpc6d.jpg

 photo F68F1542-6CD9-4F8D-85EB-B9C89E146D98_zpspluqm7yl.jpg

Now you can put the deodorant bodies back into the lids, carefully flip it over (the bodies tend to fall out-after painting this should not be as much of a problem) and viola-you have an overpass. Feel free to bling it up with extra 40K Grimdark Doodads and skullz. Definitely Skulls. You can glue the lids in, but I prefer to leave mine unglued so that I can store them more easily. Use the sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas.
 photo 90F70236-ACA1-441B-A9EB-EF632B0FEF54_zpskijdvqfx.jpg

As you can see-they are pretty sturdy and with some paint will brighten up any 40k game. You can make the road portion seem more like asphalt by using kitchen drawer liners or you can paint it with some sort of textured paint. Be sure to add some garbage for character.

 photo DCE7075C-91FE-4F36-9CA8-F7A8422E2FED_zpsvjnoorot.jpg

At one point I screwed up with the trimming of the sides. If that happens, get a Dremmel, gouge the area up, and just call it battle damage. It will be our little secret.

I'll update with pics after I get it detailed up and painted.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 2016: Space Wolves, Orks, and a Lovely Couple I Met the Other Day

We start with my son's Space Wolves. His collection is growing nicely, especially considering they are repaints from traded figs.

 photo 5B04F148-8DC9-465B-B5D7-BCBC9AC6583E_zpstmbwaqpm.jpg

Next we have the last of the Stormclaw figures which means the boxed sets I purchased in 2015 are now all up to date for all practical intents and purposes. We start with this nice trio of chaps who just want to give you a big hug.

 photo 73FEF840-8791-4FCF-BCEE-D669E5F16C8F_zps0rb1inuj.jpg

Then there is Mister Storm Claw himself, whatever his name is. Truth is I really don't play Orks, I just like painting and converting them.

 photo 474F2965-B583-46E4-88DF-567867062750_zpschhjet8u.jpg

Five of his closest Nobs.
 photo B7F3244C-B2FE-4A09-A8EB-A185BD99FF10_zpsqtyhdwb8.jpg

Some much-needed Boyz. I really only have about 35 or so; nowhere near enough for a true Ork army.
 photo F5BE0360-192F-4886-9B62-CA7074278FF0_zpsfytjxrip.jpg

A Runtherd and his charge.
 photo E2BA5305-78BD-4117-965A-B4352F55EEF9_zpsg6nmoecr.jpg

And lastly this bartender and his hab-wife. I plan on using them as part of my innocent bystanders collection.
 photo FF0DDC82-B496-4B8E-A19F-66A586052997_zpsc7o1rxqr.jpg