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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Photopocalypse and Recovery

I have succeeded in saving my Photobucket images and will eventually backfill the old posts, starting with the ones that people actually looked at more than once.

Until then, lets do a quick recap of what I have been up to so far.

Year of the Bug is finally started (or ripped out of the chest of the host to take our an entire crew in less than 24 hours). All of the assembled and primed models are painted. I have a couple of squads of acolytes to do but I have something special in mind with them which will blend them in with my existing AM forces.

Still getting used to using Google so I humbly request your patience while I get this all figured out.

Until then-happy painting.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thank You Photobucket (Sarcasm)

I fully understand their need to make money-clearly being a free hosting service has not worked for them.

I would have been happy to pay a reasonable price for third party hosting but $400 is off the charts.

The blog will be temporarily on hold until I can shift to an alternate source and get things moving again. Which is unfortunate as I have been really busy recently.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Rotting Underbelly

Second to last mix of old and new are the familiars; odd creatures that congregate around the cult's psykers.

 photo 648726DD-7F74-4369-9AA9-52D277B83CFB_zpsewm3ndg3.jpg

The Aberrant are a strange mix of sickly and powerful, mutant and evolution. Even the cult which takes all comers lookes upon them with disdain. However that does not stop then from forcing them to do hard labor by day and as shock troops when the cult rises up.

 photo 970B7D92-C9EB-4C01-A8F6-AFAF689B4E98_zpswvmlykhj.jpg

The Favored Sons are the grunts of the cult. They fill all tiers of the settlement, seemingly hard workers who toil away for the good of the settlement.

 photo 92D70551-1771-48B7-BB0D-368DE74322D3_zps3ldcqnuq.jpg

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Cult Rises

I have at last started work on my Genestealer Cult. Technically this is the second cult I've owned. Though not my original figures, the first group dates back to this era.

This first group is a mix of the original lead (!) cultists, some plastic bodies I traded Ryan for, and leftover arms from a long gone project that looked suitable exotic on this figures.

I call these the Deplorables. They are scum of the cult. They live in the ash wastes and on the lowest levels of the hive. They are the eyes and ears amongst the lowest levels of Imperial society.

 photo 3F5451A7-6103-45DD-BB93-4555F044987B_zpsvajbjgd2.jpg

These figures are the first born. They are made from the original plastic hybrids. I did, however, decide that the original heads were just too derpy so I swapped them out with some leftover purestrain heads from the literally dozens I have sitting unassembled. With the Deplorables, these are a mix of old and new bits to include some easily recognizable parts and some that have not seen production in at least a decade, maybe two.

 photo 5D233D90-AD99-4E24-9946-F2AEBF4D8613_zpsrjs8mvi5.jpg

Next up will be the familiars which will be a mix of old and new as well, then on to the new figures.

Monday, May 29, 2017

40K Spaceport Equipment

Going off of the sea port or airport model, spaceships need fuel and supplies right? I built these two items to fit that bill. First is a utility vehicle. Often service crews will use them to jet around, delivering tools and spare parts to repair jobs. This one will eventually have two trailers attached to it for moving ordinance to combat vehicles.
The cart is a John Deer Polaris-style toy from Tractor Supply Company. No changes were made; just prime and paints. Super easy and great for random utility vehicles.

 photo CBBD9E65-4D68-47FF-A894-CD27BBFE64E1_zpsef44bcne.jpg

Second is a fuel truck. Not really sure what cannon fuel is for 40K spaceships (some variant on promethium maybe) but whatever this stuff is, it likes to explode. The truck is a toy from the latest Fast and Furious movie series. The detailing is just perfect for 40K and I am fighting not to get more for other random service vehicles. The trailer was scratch built from parts I had laying around and some leftover cubes from the moisture vaporator project. It's one of those projects that I have been wanting to make for an long time for some reason.

My intent is for it to be an objective for either a sabotage mission, or an Apocalypse spaceport seizure mission where it can be destroyed (obviously exploding Michael Bay style causing D [or the 8th ed equivalent] to everything within 12 inches, but both sides would lose victory points. What is the point of seizing a spaceport if you blow the dang thing up in the process? Both the cart and the fuel truck and trailer are painted yellow-I figure it is a fairly generic color that says utility but works in both a military (the ones on the base I work at are yellow) or civilian context.

 photo 294C9E97-E3FB-457C-902E-6C42811DC043_zps0c4tufa2.jpg

 photo E6ECDB6D-CABB-49D1-B515-DACDBAC6ADBD_zpsmzrzuydi.jpg

Eventually I need to build the carts and convert over the cargo lifter but for now I have finally gotten started on my Genestealer Cult-the Year of the Bug has begun at last!

Monday, May 1, 2017

40K Scale Cargo Ship

I decided I wanted something to flesh out the airfield/starport I built. Next up, I need a couple of industrial sized landing pads. The size of the main cargo secion was specifically designed for the GW cargo boxes to be able to fit. Theoretically the sides fold up and a lifting device slides the boxes in.

 photo D7286528-15FD-4C67-BBE1-D9E8735665E1_zpspsbdywor.jpg

 photo 3A3CD472-68C9-4D69-A738-236F593C7D97_zpsinsfa55m.jpg

Still deciding on if I want to model crew for the inside. Plenty of time to go back and add later.

 photo AE4F4D5D-4C4B-4CF3-99E2-C69D47AC56F7_zpsmkfjnow3.jpg

Clearly the engines will need to be overhauled. This was my first time to try this technique. Not super happy with the result but it was a worthy experiment.

 photo 549258EC-A6C4-4E8D-B79B-370B60BB1556_zpshoxa7cjo.jpg

 photo 4CD73E6B-B2C4-4C11-998F-643813E79C40_zpsjqu2oigw.jpg

And anyone who knows my work should have anticipated I was going to build two. Because I did. So there.

 photo F4870FF3-AD35-4BA6-BAAF-282D918E37CF_zpsbmdkz2xn.jpg

 photo 426D923E-2915-4173-A96E-38E2B2BD35E5_zpsjsbjr9lt.jpg

 photo 9763903D-C99A-4762-9BDA-CC13B9C16FE4_zpszrl0npxp.jpg

Construction started as some Star Wars toys, plasticard, tons of bits, and lots and losts of super glue and polystyrene plastic.

 photo 9E111765-C719-4A94-99CA-2AE1B1C611D5_zpsamwaavix.jpg

 photo B72DC812-5203-449E-84B4-D7E57FB2FD7F_zpsrlbfz6hu.jpg

I stripped the toy of spare bitz to reduce weight on the cargo section (I reinforced it and the details I added helped but I didn't want to stress the body). I foresee the parts making their way to an ork Gargant or something. Lots of good parts.

 photo 2343F449-F5A7-423D-A84B-B6AFD702BED1_zpssc4zgelk.jpg

 photo F21BE425-3A45-41BB-8240-B95486CAB613_zpsqwvlxurw.jpg

 photo 48C2E3EA-F515-4FAC-957D-D5F6C8DF409D_zpsketsxlxl.jpg

 photo 1E4BD368-41D7-42C5-BE20-926F712CE2A5_zpsl6npf606.jpg

 photo D67AB260-3FB3-4B5E-BCCB-1A1D505A16EC_zpsya7w68qo.jpg

 photo EB117C0D-9CF9-4C50-AFC3-3E7FE021F9FA_zpsvldretcq.jpg

 photo 2EF0864F-89E4-4D0E-8DCD-933B2C66163F_zpseyfxdiz0.jpg

 photo AAC2B7ED-09B3-4DCF-9098-E8E1594839FE_zps98x5mbiy.jpg

 photo 6149938E-E778-4748-BAEF-4A4C5632546A_zps3xu7ekmz.jpg

 photo F471E8D3-DB38-4A8E-B037-F54608C5FADA_zpsvmbobrua.jpg

 photo 936EB086-ABB8-4FFD-946F-552380D4E8F6_zpsfwe4kiim.jpg

 photo 48F1796B-459F-4CC7-BC3D-9AF1C70DD6A5_zpsoqutpmaz.jpg

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Non-IP Infringing Moisture Vaporators

Completely original. In no way inspired by a major film franchise.

 photo F81855EC-A59B-499D-BB42-F52803E7852E_zpsoomoxdim.jpg

In no way inspired by continued watching of Rogue One.

The project that has sidelined my progress is mostly done; I will be posting in the next couple of weeks.

It was made of used dry-erase markers, drink lids, PVC pipe sections, wooden squares from Hobby Lobby with plastic squares glued over it and details added to that, rings, and of course GW bitz.

 photo 5170BAAB-1D67-47A4-9CB1-D699E0902B14_zpsrcwn782a.jpg