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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Liberation of Salem Part IV: Sell Swords Broken

The Liberation of Salem Part IV: Sell Swords Broken The landing pad was secure and reinforcements began to pour down from the skies. The Chaplain knew that so long as the mercenaries were free, they could be used by the enemies of the Imperium to interfere with restoring His law. Therefore, before they could manifest in force again, they would need to be crushed. He assembled a short tactical squad, a devastator squad, scouts, and a Storm Talon, recently arrived from orbit. At Captain Sicarius’ insistence, he donned his terminator armor. The Ultras advanced on the enemy encampment on the edge of the urban cluster, catching them by surprise. They were armed with several Chimeras, a platoon of troops equipped like guardsmen, and unfortunately, a Hydra.  photo 100_4086_zps4ceb6c3d.jpg  photo 100_4087_zps5b6e48c7.jpg  photo 100_4088_zpsc25a3f01.jpg The Storm Talon made short work of the Hydra as the scouts opened up on the closest squad of mercenaries, wounding the gunner. The devastator squad cut through the Chimera supporting that squad with their krak missiles. Unfortunately, the enemy opened up with everything and a lucky multi-laser shot took down the Storm Talon. It spiraled out of the sky and exploded-a grievous loss.  photo 100_4090_zps7a4b4cd2.jpg  photo 100_4091_zps0f4d4f10.jpg  photo 100_4092_zps0c1a3dea.jpg The second mercenary squad moved forward, as did another Chimera. The chaplain and two squad members took hits as they charged forward, intent on eliminating the squad in the middle. Meanwhile the scouts and devastators were less effective in their role. The devastators would need to report for range penance if they did not improve their aim!  photo 100_4094_zpsba8a184d.jpg The closest squad was cut down by bolter fire as the second Chimera advanced in retaliation. The mercenaries advanced under the cover of the pylons, taking snap shots at the chaplain and his men.  photo 100_4097_zpsf4bae815.jpg  photo 100_4098_zps19c99974.jpg The chaplain and his squad rushed the Chimera, tossing their melta bombs and krak grenades. They damaged the behemoth but failed to destroy it. In return, the sergeant was cut down by the advancing mercenaries.  photo 100_4100_zps4f50d15d.jpg The chaplain turned and charged the mercenaries, losing one of the tac marines to blistering but desperate fire. In turn he and his remaining companion cut the traitors down. At last the devastators redeemed themselves and the remaining Chimera was destroyed. The leaders used the opportunity to slink away. Their threat was ended for now but the Chaplain was left with an uncomfortable feeling with them left behind as loose ends. Upon investigation, a strange device was found in the mercenaries’ camp. Clearly of foul Xenos origin, it emanated some form of mind control. It was logged and the information passed on before purging it. Meanwhile, above in the ship, systems continued to fail, hampering, but not stopping the flow of troops and materiel to the planet’s surface. It was time to focus on the true threat to Salem. It would be liberated in the Emperor’s holy name!  photo 100_4103_zps5638c2a7.jpg

Friday, May 24, 2013

Project Chinook

A fellow Freeboota and serviceman wanted a CH-47 for 40k. After a long a grueling government contract-esque where the was underbidding and cost overruns I was chosen for the task. He wanted one modeled after this: ach-47A photo: Four ACH-47A's were producednamed Easy Money ACH-47AEasyMoney.jpg The logical place to start was a Valkyrie. From there, lots of plasticard and raiding my bitz box I am currently at about 25% done but here is the work so far:  photo 100_4082_zpsf88b3ff4.jpg Much more to do but I am happy with the results so far. If the client doesn't like it, I'll keep it for myself!