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Thursday, April 3, 2014

30K Heavy Weapons and Scout Repaints

Knocked out the last of my 30K Heavy Weapons (for now). I will need to get a shot of them all together for ego purposes at some time in the near future:

 photo 6A04F3F1-0928-4F36-974C-85EDC00ABD6D_zpsflukawa4.jpg

I also repurposed some scouts I had converted for 30K. When I first started this project there were no army lists available so I just converted troops using the 5th ed rules as a base. As it turned out there are not scouts like we see them in 40k so these guys were left in the lurch. Fortunately, I needed scouts for my Dark Angels so a few dabs of Dark Angels Green later and they have sucessfully jumped ship:

 photo A67BD9EE-6308-45A3-BEC5-ED9265F91FB7_zps62silskm.jpg