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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Prototypes of Da Ork Dynasty Boyz Complete (mostly)

Okay, they need me to finish the bases but the figures themselves are done. For the most part I am please with how they came out. Now on to the second squad and their HQ.

 photo 0FAC7DB6-1D3D-45DB-B319-F8EE61687E10_zps5nm5ofmu.jpg

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Da Ork Dynasty and Delays Delays Delays

Gone through some massive life changes. Nothing like a divorce or a gender swap but very disruptive.

So what have I been working on?
This Year's Freeboota Toys for Tots is something of an open category and they took suggestions. Trying to harness the recent Redneck Revolution and the upcoming new Ork Codex, I have devised...Da Ork Dynasty.

Theme: Overall theme is an "ahem" Southern-style ork army, inspired by the Duck Dynasty TV show as well as "redneck" pop culture. Conversions to bring out that Duck Dynasty flavor are strongly encouraged.

Fluff: On the southern edge of the galaxy is a strange new ork clan. Its members sport facial hair and and wear bizarre camouflage. Their trukks are frequently jacked up and have gun racks on the back windshield. Other orks refer to them derisively as "Rednekz" but the clan wears this title with pride. They are lead by the mysterious warboss known only as the "Ork Kommanda".

My test squad is 80% painted but here are the raw shots (see if you can recognize anyone):

 photo 7E05C1FD-F6CE-400B-A542-D7DF6894331E_zpsgr0xvc0s.jpg

 photo DBE34814-B510-4204-8D18-140425A2673D_zpsp9xbgq2t.jpg

 photo E007C3BB-2C1C-4537-A211-40A6E79A6E11_zps3mjtvfsc.jpg

 photo 1E1C5566-CA0E-449D-87AF-754EA77693AF_zpscf1frq4b.jpg

More shots as the army progresses.