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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Location Casting

Saul baby-good to hear from you; I was starting to get worried. No I wasn't hoping you vanished in a jungle or something! But if you did I'd be more than happy to take care of Margaret for you. Just kidding! What have you got for me?

Yes I remember-I wanted exotic but commonplace; something you find in any town but don't see much of these days on the board.

Your kidding. A rail station? For a retro future piece? Genius again Saul!

Okay, I see that dapper couple and their robot dog thingie there-looking good. Yeah I see the posters and the time table. Could be either 1929 or the 41st Millennium.

 photo 506DF3F7-95A1-4085-B354-01CF633E770B_zpsgljaqgk3.jpg

 photo B4CC02A2-D530-4602-B9C3-28C10B673C48_zpsp3iai8pq.jpg

 photo F5EF450B-13F3-48FB-9FE8-392EA7713789_zps9cieiwbz.jpg

Okay, here are the various train cars. Yes I see the guy checking his manifest and the other one searching for, hobos or something. What's with the graffiti? Yeah I bet whomever that governor is he is going to be pissed! The names? No idea. Must be some inside joke or something.

 photo 35C7DFED-57FE-48B7-AFBB-575EBDA8852B_zps5iie9gqx.jpg

 photo D3147734-74B1-4B2E-8C05-087A377A5297_zpsuubxwypp.jpg

 photo 4CA0B140-66C2-4517-9F8B-A05FA3DFCA6B_zpsy6u4295h.jpg

 photo DE9B88F6-051B-41EF-8251-FA9301C98C46_zpsxdafuhbj.jpg

 photo 6D46FE1E-46B1-43A3-809C-DE658D417D04_zpsqumzbuyu.jpg

 photo D09C5B5E-B145-4D77-9C2B-24ABD64CB3C2_zpsawfdg6vy.jpg

 photo DA12AAE2-7DFE-4370-B15D-B64D8B768B76_zpsq9xoqwxz.jpg

 photo 78E48C9E-CA33-4A9D-BB83-9C194E433DB2_zpszklkx3pg.jpg

What's with the locomotive? Oh more retro future stuff eh? Yeah I don' think they had those in 1936 but whatever works!

 photo B2291A60-3347-4690-B1E7-3C27BAF5FC03_zps0yb5plja.jpg

 photo 5DCF509C-D5EE-487F-9594-0653FE4E08E9_zpsfnjl2nvk.jpg

 photo 4398FE52-5808-4EAF-9A72-86DD56FB3385_zps3eslptev.jpg

 photo 2F8AD968-4295-4035-9913-2CED3392F3D1_zpsexalkhrp.jpg

Yep, six plus feet of straight track there plus some curved stuff ready if necessary. Good job Saul, not start working on my Orks!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Central Casting

Sid, baby, I'm in a pinch! I've got this time travel movie coming up and I need a bunch of weirdos. No of course they don't have a script yet-just a treatment and some rap star they want to tie it in with! Yeah no kidding. Okay, this is what I've got.

I need a futuristic guy, but he has to look like he's from World War I. Yeah I have not idea how that is possible. German looking? That would be fantastic!

 photo BB130981-66F0-41D9-997B-6067434AF4B8_zpsitks17hl.jpg

Now I need, like a giant robot pilot or something, but not one of those anime ones. More dark future and stuff. A claw hand? Yeah that will work.

 photo CABAE169-A794-4DB6-888F-14AB78B26D17_zpsnublvbno.jpg

Brilliant! Now I need some snipers, but they need to be big burly types; yeah real manly men! What? Those guys are perfect! Keep 'em away from Margaret if you know what I mean though-heh just kidding!

 photo 6C804191-F6E3-4DFD-A6AF-EE3ABADB75B1_zpsfm59akax.jpg

Now I need a doctor. Well not a medical doctor but a guy who calls himself that. No he isn't supposed to look like a doctor; just kind of a geeky dude. You know just the guy?

 photo 69666DD0-F3C1-4381-B2FC-CBFA767BFE96_zpsbo8s4tke.jpg

Now he needs a travelling partner. No not romantic but there will be some weird sexual tension there. A redhead? You are mind reader Sid!

 photo C95ED7AD-393F-4C7A-9D04-5EE0FD0AA59E_zpsbblljcsf.jpg

Now they need a dog. Or a robot. But it has to be kind of late 70's/early 80's if you know what I mean. A robot dog? Frickin' genius!

 photo 1D7DC584-666F-441E-905E-7619E3E03B39_zpshtaininh.jpg

Don't ever change Sid-you are a lifesaver! Now how are you on location scouting...

As usual, apologies for the crappy photos.

Monday, May 2, 2016

My One Miniature for April

I call this titan Grimlock for reasons that should be obvious.

 photo B05942D1-1E42-4B88-8A0A-69E89AFBF9F8_zps847n1dcq.jpg

 photo 752461CE-06AF-4B07-BB7F-F47F15398B30_zpsqxrfwrkp.jpg

 photo A9298B87-9F3E-48C1-B3AE-0E21729029DB_zpsyarsfljo.jpg

Here it is side by side with an old Armorcast Titan for scale:
 photo D61D814C-160B-45BC-A7DD-99AB6556EC3B_zpsliua82o2.jpg


I remember seeing one in the store an thinking it has to be pretty close in size to a Reaver Tiran. I decided it wouldn't take an insane amount of work to do. It took a few long nights figuring out how to anchor the arms to the main chassis and there is some internal work that I did not get shots of; it was very important that the arms not be flimsy or fall off easily.

 photo 19853013-9C4F-4864-B295-F9021899FCA8_zpstrn3et3s.jpg

 photo 574D6A9C-CD65-405E-89B5-FC2D9C7EB488_zpsaxjkkydx.jpg

 photo 236CA92D-7E91-4090-A39C-2BDD027A75BA_zpszttucf0v.jpg

 photo 4E8827B9-6200-4D23-A9EE-0B1C83E59989_zpsuuiz1tmy.jpg

 photo E3BBD2A3-119F-4D2C-B20E-AC1037DA818D_zpsr7jvssbs.jpg

"What a lovely charms bracelet!"
"It is made of the Emperor's Finest!"
 photo 61DF3826-328A-461C-9263-73B85F6B5AF4_zpsulynk7ts.jpg