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Monday, May 16, 2016

Central Casting

Sid, baby, I'm in a pinch! I've got this time travel movie coming up and I need a bunch of weirdos. No of course they don't have a script yet-just a treatment and some rap star they want to tie it in with! Yeah no kidding. Okay, this is what I've got.

I need a futuristic guy, but he has to look like he's from World War I. Yeah I have not idea how that is possible. German looking? That would be fantastic!

 photo BB130981-66F0-41D9-997B-6067434AF4B8_zpsitks17hl.jpg

Now I need, like a giant robot pilot or something, but not one of those anime ones. More dark future and stuff. A claw hand? Yeah that will work.

 photo CABAE169-A794-4DB6-888F-14AB78B26D17_zpsnublvbno.jpg

Brilliant! Now I need some snipers, but they need to be big burly types; yeah real manly men! What? Those guys are perfect! Keep 'em away from Margaret if you know what I mean though-heh just kidding!

 photo 6C804191-F6E3-4DFD-A6AF-EE3ABADB75B1_zpsfm59akax.jpg

Now I need a doctor. Well not a medical doctor but a guy who calls himself that. No he isn't supposed to look like a doctor; just kind of a geeky dude. You know just the guy?

 photo 69666DD0-F3C1-4381-B2FC-CBFA767BFE96_zpsbo8s4tke.jpg

Now he needs a travelling partner. No not romantic but there will be some weird sexual tension there. A redhead? You are mind reader Sid!

 photo C95ED7AD-393F-4C7A-9D04-5EE0FD0AA59E_zpsbblljcsf.jpg

Now they need a dog. Or a robot. But it has to be kind of late 70's/early 80's if you know what I mean. A robot dog? Frickin' genius!

 photo 1D7DC584-666F-441E-905E-7619E3E03B39_zpshtaininh.jpg

Don't ever change Sid-you are a lifesaver! Now how are you on location scouting...

As usual, apologies for the crappy photos.

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