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Monday, May 2, 2016

My One Miniature for April

I call this titan Grimlock for reasons that should be obvious.

 photo B05942D1-1E42-4B88-8A0A-69E89AFBF9F8_zps847n1dcq.jpg

 photo 752461CE-06AF-4B07-BB7F-F47F15398B30_zpsqxrfwrkp.jpg

 photo A9298B87-9F3E-48C1-B3AE-0E21729029DB_zpsyarsfljo.jpg

Here it is side by side with an old Armorcast Titan for scale:
 photo D61D814C-160B-45BC-A7DD-99AB6556EC3B_zpsliua82o2.jpg


I remember seeing one in the store an thinking it has to be pretty close in size to a Reaver Tiran. I decided it wouldn't take an insane amount of work to do. It took a few long nights figuring out how to anchor the arms to the main chassis and there is some internal work that I did not get shots of; it was very important that the arms not be flimsy or fall off easily.

 photo 19853013-9C4F-4864-B295-F9021899FCA8_zpstrn3et3s.jpg

 photo 574D6A9C-CD65-405E-89B5-FC2D9C7EB488_zpsaxjkkydx.jpg

 photo 236CA92D-7E91-4090-A39C-2BDD027A75BA_zpszttucf0v.jpg

 photo 4E8827B9-6200-4D23-A9EE-0B1C83E59989_zpsuuiz1tmy.jpg

 photo E3BBD2A3-119F-4D2C-B20E-AC1037DA818D_zpsr7jvssbs.jpg

"What a lovely charms bracelet!"
"It is made of the Emperor's Finest!"
 photo 61DF3826-328A-461C-9263-73B85F6B5AF4_zpsulynk7ts.jpg

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