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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Location Casting

Saul baby-good to hear from you; I was starting to get worried. No I wasn't hoping you vanished in a jungle or something! But if you did I'd be more than happy to take care of Margaret for you. Just kidding! What have you got for me?

Yes I remember-I wanted exotic but commonplace; something you find in any town but don't see much of these days on the board.

Your kidding. A rail station? For a retro future piece? Genius again Saul!

Okay, I see that dapper couple and their robot dog thingie there-looking good. Yeah I see the posters and the time table. Could be either 1929 or the 41st Millennium.

 photo 506DF3F7-95A1-4085-B354-01CF633E770B_zpsgljaqgk3.jpg

 photo B4CC02A2-D530-4602-B9C3-28C10B673C48_zpsp3iai8pq.jpg

 photo F5EF450B-13F3-48FB-9FE8-392EA7713789_zps9cieiwbz.jpg

Okay, here are the various train cars. Yes I see the guy checking his manifest and the other one searching for, hobos or something. What's with the graffiti? Yeah I bet whomever that governor is he is going to be pissed! The names? No idea. Must be some inside joke or something.

 photo 35C7DFED-57FE-48B7-AFBB-575EBDA8852B_zps5iie9gqx.jpg

 photo D3147734-74B1-4B2E-8C05-087A377A5297_zpsuubxwypp.jpg

 photo 4CA0B140-66C2-4517-9F8B-A05FA3DFCA6B_zpsy6u4295h.jpg

 photo DE9B88F6-051B-41EF-8251-FA9301C98C46_zpsxdafuhbj.jpg

 photo 6D46FE1E-46B1-43A3-809C-DE658D417D04_zpsqumzbuyu.jpg

 photo D09C5B5E-B145-4D77-9C2B-24ABD64CB3C2_zpsawfdg6vy.jpg

 photo DA12AAE2-7DFE-4370-B15D-B64D8B768B76_zpsq9xoqwxz.jpg

 photo 78E48C9E-CA33-4A9D-BB83-9C194E433DB2_zpszklkx3pg.jpg

What's with the locomotive? Oh more retro future stuff eh? Yeah I don' think they had those in 1936 but whatever works!

 photo B2291A60-3347-4690-B1E7-3C27BAF5FC03_zps0yb5plja.jpg

 photo 5DCF509C-D5EE-487F-9594-0653FE4E08E9_zpsfnjl2nvk.jpg

 photo 4398FE52-5808-4EAF-9A72-86DD56FB3385_zps3eslptev.jpg

 photo 2F8AD968-4295-4035-9913-2CED3392F3D1_zpsexalkhrp.jpg

Yep, six plus feet of straight track there plus some curved stuff ready if necessary. Good job Saul, not start working on my Orks!

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