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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back From Out of Town

Okay-here is the stuff I knocked out before the trip: Finished off the Heresy-Era terminators and someone who bears a striking resemblance to a guy named Guilliman: Photobucket I also finished off the building-not happy with the roof fit but cannot wait to play some Cities of Death or whatever the new rules make urban combat: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket And here is what I got done during my trip. Let us start with the Ultramarines. First up is the Heresy-Era Devastator squad for the monthly Freebootaz challenge- Photobucket Below that is the other squad, two Librarians to include Tigerius, two captains to include a terminator captain, and two chaplains to include a terminator chaplain (Not pictured is an apothacary I did up for Deathwatch): Photobucket Did I mention the full other tac squad (three more tac marines and plasma gunner not pictured)? Photobucket Oh yeah and Stormtalon (prior to putting the final dull coat on it): Photobucket And now for the rest. First, the last of my Black Legion marines-some serious old school figures are included in this bunch: Photobucket And here is Kharne and fifteen of his BFF's: Photobucket And finally, just in time for 6th ed I am getting around to painting up my AoBR orks: Photobucket Photobucket The trip alone resulted in 81 figures; this is what you can do with some paint, a hotel room and far too much free time (was trying to avoid spending money-only partially succeeded).