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Monday, September 29, 2014

My Name is Ian and I am an Overbuilder

In more recent news, this is what I built in September (note that is built, not painted):

 photo 31F96F09-8312-4923-AF74-163A3E733D86_zpsoexcoh9y.jpg

The control tower and hangers are pure scratchbuilt. The other buildings to include the radar tower are from the Mantic Battle Zones set (I bought them when the Deadzone Kickstarter launched). They are great to put together but need to be glued to be stable and frankly there is a bit of cleanup due to the hard nature of the plastic. Other than that they work well and are a good industrial/colony look.

The objects with the globes on the top are my version of the Imperial Void Shield Generators (you can keep your $106 limited edition versions and knockoffs thank you). I will detail them more when I have them finished.

Meanwhile, Orktober 2014 is coming but I do need to get the ruins painted up for the next Liberation of Lemnos Battle.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Liberation of Lemnos Part One: Beachhead

++++Thought for the Day: Thought begets heresy. Heresy begets retribution.++++
My lords, herein lies my account of the first actions of the attempt to liberate the world of Lemnos from the hands of the Archenemy’s most vile servant, Abaddon the Despoiler. To date we still do not know why he has turned his baleful eye to this world. Remarkable, both fleets were able to approach the planet relatively undetected. We were directed by elements within the Administratum to utilize a private landing site belonging to the Jad Lond noble house. To be honest, I tire of foul politicking interfering with our operations but in this case the site was more than adequate. Isolated enough that the enemy’s response would be delayed. Close enough to the population centers that it would make a suitable point to strike from. Our initial auguries below showed that the site was infested with what we have identified as fallen astartes of the Black Legion and their depraved cultist servants.

 photo B3C30855-4265-4947-8E01-A757B57AD1F6_zps1366bq1a.jpg

 photo F84C82C4-315C-4517-87E1-9CA05E674B22_zpsyjr3kbpf.jpg

 photo 8ED60255-0F94-479B-90B2-F70CB552F75B_zpskq1sfd1v.jpg
 photo 25212324-8A0A-44D5-9BBF-C116E249B20E_zpsgketx4pq.jpg

 photo CC7D4C7D-8A01-4B26-8613-280181655AE5_zpsueaqgcs0.jpg

In the predawn moments, the attack began. As the astartes from the Iron Hands and the Imperial Fists chapters began their drop, guided by Imperial Fist scouts in site, the cruiser Inevitable Vengeance was able to prepare the site with lance fire. As I am told is typical of such fire, little actual damage was done to the enemy’s prepared sites, but it did allow the landing craft to deploy immediately [To hurry the game along due to time constraints, we agreed that reserves could start rolling first turn-this had a direct impact on how the battle proceeded but was consistent with the narrative-ed].

 photo E64CABDD-BEDD-44F8-B799-755903EF09E0_zpstczs9fnp.jpg

 photo 1816842C-9CC8-4236-93E8-BC96FD2FEAF3_zpsz0tzywyt.jpg

 photo 6A32BD6E-6CBF-4232-8BE3-354D12642800_zpsr4rhwqga.jpg
The Imperial Fist Stormraven dropped a Devstator Squad and a dreadnaught as is opened fire on the Heldrake, sitting ready to launch on the landing pad. The foul creature was cut down on the pad. A Imperial Fist assault squad landed dangerously close to the enemy’s position. They fired at the Hellbrute in front of them, doing minor damage but it turned on them furiously. The devastator cut down two of the chaos terminators but would play little other role in the battle.

 photo 2E01AEF4-1615-4CB6-9D75-7A1E66EC18BD_zpso240fmjc.jpg

 photo 7EC43DE3-6844-4330-8327-76A93E85E0B0_zps9vvrddcp.jpg
 photo D0CF215B-932E-48FB-84BF-8B8715B9C22D_zps5bxejprh.jpg

The Iron Hands dropped down unleashing the command squad, sternguard squad, and a tac squad. The forces opened up on the Chaos Terminators near the control tower, the bikes sitting in the hangar, and the Defiler by the radar tower.
 photo 6B7D3D58-A5A6-4DB6-8CA0-2437291464CF_zpstgxohjj8.jpg

 photo E3E02D34-E0E2-40FE-AD79-38CF6435E85D_zpswsr8rvk4.jpg

 photo 344FBC1C-002B-4FC7-80B4-131F75861304_zpst7gqjydp.jpg

The Hellbrute spun and opened up on the Imperial fist assault squad, cutting several down. In the bastion, the fell astartes opened up with their quad guns on the Stormraven to no avail; the dawn light provided additional cover and their shots failed to penetrate.
 photo 3FB8298F-A844-4A2D-9537-0133E59F19B3_zpsjezzubqi.jpg

Meanwhile the chaos terminators fired upon the command squad, cutting several down then charged and finished the job. The Imperial commander was lost. Meanwhile, the defiler charged the Tac Squad and tore into it. The Chaos Obliterations in the middle of the field, converted their foul weapons into plasma cannons and cut cruelly into the Sterngaurd. The surviving bike piled in abuse and the combat squads began to fall.
 photo 489849FE-40F2-4994-B7A8-931DF1A445FF_zpsxawh7x9l.jpg

 photo 35440228-2912-487C-BC03-713125F0CF2B_zpshkbrjyqk.jpg

 photo 88E46F04-ABBC-426F-B203-07A9A8B324B3_zpsmecthztk.jpg

The Imperial Guard assault squad charged the cultists within the Aegis walls, losing two to the charge but eventually cutting those who had turned their backs to the Master of Mankind down then jumping back behind the wall. The Imperial Fist Stormraven fired at the marines behind the Aegis walls as well but was unable to do any damage.
 photo 01E399C8-166E-4CF3-896E-8980DB6C9DB5_zpslctls2rr.jpg

 photo 116EE91D-1A26-4DC9-8039-9987F08B8D27_zpsndnblnyg.jpg

The second Imperial Fist assault squad attempted to deploy but at the last moment was delayed; they had moved out of optimal deployment positon and had to come back around again. The Iron Hands Stormraven arrived, buzzing the control tower and opening fire at the obliterators, to minor effect.
The half of the Tac Squad fighting the Defiler broke and ran behind the beast. Their other half moved behind the radar tower in an attempt to seize the objective.
 photo 57ADC511-759D-4B7C-8871-9FFBD7E9620C_zpshayfvwh0.jpg

The forces of chaos retaliated by striking the Imperial Fists Stormraven out of the sky. It careened drunkenly and crashed in the middle of the field. The Chaos Terminators, Bikers, and Obliterators surged forward and cut down the last of the Iron Hands Sternguard squads. Meanwhile the Defiler scuttled around the fleeing marines and cut them down. The Chaos Lord cut down one of the Tac Squad holding their objective by the radar tower but they stood their ground firmly.

Turn Three
The second Imperial Fist assault squad, the portents being correct, dropped behind the bastion and rushed the objective held there. The scout squads, their previous fire ineffective, rappelled down hangar and control tower, and moved to the objectives nearby. The Iron Hands deployed the tac squad it was carrying and attempted to destroy the bastion and the chaos marines nearby, causing one casualty. The Tac Squad at the radar tower cut down another cultist.

 photo 507DF25A-6E73-4A72-BCB4-AE69C7FCC8ED_zpsiyjpxldd.jpg
 photo FEF3EA28-3AFC-415F-8D14-F04D462DDF4A_zps6xg7mqsi.jpg

Seeing the situation falling apart, the Chaos Terminators turned towards the scouts guarding the objective by the control tower but failed to push them off of the objective. The Defiler opened fire at the other squad, killing three but they held firm. The bike squad opened up on them then charged but at the end of scrum, the noble scouts stood firm.
 photo C6059354-7347-418E-B786-1FEAD5146AD5_zpsl0fijsqq.jpg

 photo 8C84EDCD-52C3-489B-9008-7003EED25375_zpslg6f4tka.jpg

 photo 9B76E4D0-8732-460E-9875-C709481DCD08_zpshba7mtk4.jpg

In the center, the bastion and right flank quad gun opened fire on the Iron Hands Stormraven, terminally damaging it. It surgred forward out of control and would meet its fate shortly. Meanwhile the chaos marines on the left flank turned their weapons on the assault squad and then charged, giving more than they got on the assault squad. The remaining Obliterator attempted to use its flamers on the Tac Squad but did no damage.
 photo 0F409500-D483-472A-A9DF-E26426AF3E68_zpscefwmwdr.jpg

At this point, the Chaos forces broke from the engagement and retreated. The day was won but the price was high. Every squad with the exception of the Devstator squad and the Tac Squad had taken significant casualties and both Stormravens were lost. Still, the objective had been seized. The Liberation of Lemnos had begun.
++++Transmission Ends++++

Lord Vrogar was shocked to hear the transmission in his helmet; fall back and retreat to Rally Point Septimus. It made little sense; if they continued fighting they could easily turn this battle but the orders came from the very top. Very well. One did not dispute the word of the Despoiler lightly. At least not if they valued their life. Vrogar was left with the feeling that this was all somehow part of the plan. Very well, more of the False Emperor’s lapdogs for him to slay.