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Monday, December 29, 2014

Two Last Pieces and Year End Roundup

In an effort to clear out some stuff for the move and to help my FLGS, here are two last pieces of line of sight blocking terrain I did up:

 photo 5E2A5931-8BD7-4159-8A56-BFA6023A1487_zpsicsk7qcv.jpg

Bringing this year's total to:

Figures: 192
Terrain: 41
Vehicles: 14

Down from last year but considering it involved a three month hiatus of major projects I am content.

The big winner was my friend Owen that I did a boatload of D&D, plus some gift figures for. Followed by Ultras (no suprise), Ultramarines (my only "complete" army), and then a smattering of Chaos and Imperial Guard, er Astra Militarum. In zero place are my poor Eldar and Necrons (although at least the Necrons got played this year). Somewhere in there was terrain which got used quite a bit, although not always by me. I also knocked out a couple things I had been wanting to get done; the Vulture, the barrels, and the Mantic Terrain so pleased to get them done.

For next year I have a bunch of Ultras (no suprise) but I want to focus on Horus Heresy Ultras, an entire new airforce for the Ultras, then catch up some Eldar, Necrons and some huge projects I have been sitting on for a few years. For the next coupe of weeks I should be moving but until then Happy New Year to you all.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ultramarnes Sicaran and Black Legion Warpsmith and (not) So Much More!

These are probably the last new paints of the year. Final count to follow in a few days.

There are some minor flaws that became apparent after painting but I can live with the final product. This think kick behind in both 40k and 30k and I'm looking forward to giving it a field test.

 photo 7412F1B2-EBC7-42F0-B516-724A0B8CE58E_zpsxurbpyib.jpg

 photo 94FD73D5-D7C4-4704-BB51-EF8EAB72D1B5_zpsp8smdus0.jpg

I wanted him to be Black Legion and not be overwhelmed by all the metal on him; I'm content with the results. He has a couple spare tentacles, to include a painted one that has gone AWOL. Since we are moving shortly I'm sure it will turn up eventually.

 photo 8433F929-FF5D-4E8A-877B-8F28F8BC10B7_zpsnx3j0vz2.jpg

I also knocked out this Chaos Sorcerer and familiar and Forge World Navigator. For what it is worth, I was Black Legion before Black Legion was cool! (No I'm not a Chaos hipster).

 photo 5E4B9F7D-33F3-4E4E-9040-6E91766FF8F7_zpsmnukvt4d.jpg

The Navigator is great for Horus Heresy, or as an objective for 40K, or as a PC figure for Rogue Trader (maybe I'll get to play that again some day).

 photo 789CA277-EB8D-4F1E-8FE7-74833F72B984_zpswsitfqil.jpg

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gifts for Christmas

Two of us did these for our other friend, David:
 photo B2CB3688-D386-4130-99F8-7B7748613A9A_zps3kluaxvr.jpg

Just a couple figures left and then time for the annual count of what all I got painted this year. Hope it stacks up to past years!