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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ultramarnes Sicaran and Black Legion Warpsmith and (not) So Much More!

These are probably the last new paints of the year. Final count to follow in a few days.

There are some minor flaws that became apparent after painting but I can live with the final product. This think kick behind in both 40k and 30k and I'm looking forward to giving it a field test.

 photo 7412F1B2-EBC7-42F0-B516-724A0B8CE58E_zpsxurbpyib.jpg

 photo 94FD73D5-D7C4-4704-BB51-EF8EAB72D1B5_zpsp8smdus0.jpg

I wanted him to be Black Legion and not be overwhelmed by all the metal on him; I'm content with the results. He has a couple spare tentacles, to include a painted one that has gone AWOL. Since we are moving shortly I'm sure it will turn up eventually.

 photo 8433F929-FF5D-4E8A-877B-8F28F8BC10B7_zpsnx3j0vz2.jpg

I also knocked out this Chaos Sorcerer and familiar and Forge World Navigator. For what it is worth, I was Black Legion before Black Legion was cool! (No I'm not a Chaos hipster).

 photo 5E4B9F7D-33F3-4E4E-9040-6E91766FF8F7_zpsmnukvt4d.jpg

The Navigator is great for Horus Heresy, or as an objective for 40K, or as a PC figure for Rogue Trader (maybe I'll get to play that again some day).

 photo 789CA277-EB8D-4F1E-8FE7-74833F72B984_zpswsitfqil.jpg

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