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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Space Wolves

As part of my parenting requirements, I am painting up a Space Wolf army for my son.

 photo EDA88FAC-CC27-4FE7-B127-8C23F66623FF_zpspltueb3t.jpg

 photo ACF97EB8-0264-4F2D-B454-D776F0D8D488_zps6spvzbmm.jpg

 photo EA295A37-3121-48A7-B52F-1DE6F495882F_zpsckxdrlbu.jpg

The love of a father aside, I am also cheap so mainly it is the contents of Stormclaw and repurposing existing unused figures from my collection. And trades for painting. The scouts are from repurposing classic plastic scouts with leftover heads and weapons. The rest is from mixing and matching with Stromclaw stuff as well as Bjorn in a trade.