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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Missive From Roswell

Most of the way through my time here. There are no gaming stores here so my chagrin. Good news is I have painted 48 figures in my two weeks here. Bad news is that I have run out of figures to paint so am getting caught up on my reading. My camera has decided to no longer store pictures so I will post an update when I get back home.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Liberation Point Alpha

The liberation of Salem had begun, but only now had the Second Company learned whom they were libertating it from. After examining the augaries, Capain Sicarius decided that seizing a location that offered fuel and equipment for the maintenance of the company's flyers would be their prime location to seize. He made ready to seize the site personally but the counsel of his fellows convinced him to let Chaplain Trajan lead two squads instead; squad Vandar adn Squad Solinus, both equipped with missile launchers and meltaguns. The two squads embarked in their drop pods and launched... [This is a narrative-style game so we bent the rules regarding having models on the table and had it start with both squads deploying from their drop pods. Note-I only own one drop pod so the second one was proxied with the silver thing]. The squads deployed and spread out to surround the landing pad. Each squad split into two smaller squads to help cover all sctors. Immediately the opened fire at the renegade PDF that surrounded them. It was then in the distance they spotted the forces of the archenemy... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Squad Solinus, without the chaplain, immediately had members cut down by fire from renegades. One half was able to stand its ground and hold the enemy at bay but the sergeant, succumbing to fire from the renegades and fallen marines broke and ran back to the drop pod. It took two full rounds for him to rally his courage even as the second half of his squad nobly stood their ground and held their positons. Photobucket Photobucket On the far side of the landing pad, Squad Vandar and the Chaplain Trajan kept up a wall of fire against the chaos marines that charged them. The squad took casualties in close combat but held, to be rescued as the second half of Vandar broke off from shooting at PDF troopers in the platform and charged into the fray. The chaos marines were broken but managed to escape. As the squads were reorganizing, the second squad of chaos marines came into range and opened fire on Squad Vandar-striking the Chaplain in the back and laying him low! Photobucket Photobucket In turn they were at last defeated, as were the renegades, their last two members breaking and running. Of the two squads of Ultramarines, ten had been casualties. However, quick medical attention resulted in only two being lost permanently. Still, of just over a hundred marines, even two were a high cost. [This was a great game and not meant to be a test of skills between David (who GM'd) and myself. Even with the noble power of the Ultramarines and their stalwart (and poorly shooting storm bolter) drop pods it could have turned against them at any time towards the end. I can't wait for the next mission.]