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Monday, February 17, 2014

Here Are Some Damned Miniatures

My February Freebootaz Challenge: Legion of the Damned

 photo 6BB338E5-7432-4778-AD88-FBB15B304661_zpslawf74jh.jpg

Also some Tac Squad Specialist tradeouts:
 photo 4170DFC0-40D0-46E2-8715-3F7D36101410_zpsmhdnroep.jpg

This episode was brought to you by Anvil Industries who did the great skull heads for the LoTD. I liked the green flames vice the usual color because it makes them more spectral.

Next up are my Command Squad Sheild bubbas and then maybe I'll finally start the Stormraven.
Incidentally, not quite two full months into the year and 99 figs done. Not a bad start.

Friday, February 14, 2014

First Projects of the Year

After spending a month in lovely Las Cruces, NM for work I have accomplished the following:

Finished off my Dark Angels:

 photo 83C05BE0-411A-4145-9A6F-1817F87A08E6_zpsf2va2jjr.jpg

 photo 5B0C3364-135A-4927-A3F4-B8AC9633FE03_zpsmoo02kgp.jpg

 photo 8150555E-6182-4218-A62B-720BBED59B03_zpsgn3as5ef.jpg

(24 GW figs)

Did up some RPG figures for a friend of mine:

 photo 369E332C-A45B-43FD-ADBA-CFAA739DAEBE_zpsufhvwyip.jpg

(40 random figs-One figure is missing from the picture because I had to re-do his base)

And snuck in some other figs for him that had been given to me (that I was never going to use-great way to pass it forward).

 photo C4DF3A7E-D172-483F-AE3E-96534C553F92_zpsdyfgk9xq.jpg

 photo 6C889DF5-703F-4310-A389-AD71892046CA_zpsukbrrofl.jpg

(24 more figs)

Lessons learned:

I hate the Bones figs. They are inexpensive and I recognize the attraction of that. They are great if just having figs on the table is what is important to you. Painting them is a pain in the neck and a lot of detail on them was lost. In essence, you are getting what you paid for. If they are what you want to use, more power to you but I did not like how they came out. There is a universal "mushiness" (I can't describe it better than that) and they are extremely soft. Again, not trying to talk anyone else out of buying them but just not for me.

What is 25mm has shifted but so has the quality of the figures. Some of the guys dated back to the 80's and early 90's and it was fun seeing the cultural influences on them.

I have no real conception of skin tone. My friend gave me a painting guide but I had to look up many of his descriptions on the internet. Don't get me wrong-I'm not complaining at all. It was great to research what he was looking for and try to recreate it. I hope my work was close to what he was looking for.

Next up in the hopper is a couple of Ultramarine special weapons guys and my Legion of the Damned.