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Monday, February 17, 2014

Here Are Some Damned Miniatures

My February Freebootaz Challenge: Legion of the Damned

 photo 6BB338E5-7432-4778-AD88-FBB15B304661_zpslawf74jh.jpg

Also some Tac Squad Specialist tradeouts:
 photo 4170DFC0-40D0-46E2-8715-3F7D36101410_zpsmhdnroep.jpg

This episode was brought to you by Anvil Industries who did the great skull heads for the LoTD. I liked the green flames vice the usual color because it makes them more spectral.

Next up are my Command Squad Sheild bubbas and then maybe I'll finally start the Stormraven.
Incidentally, not quite two full months into the year and 99 figs done. Not a bad start.

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