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Monday, November 2, 2015

Wait It's Been How Long?


Okay where to begin.

Summer of Despair kind of petered out as I took on several projects for friends and the FLGS.

First thing was to knock out some stuff I've had assembled since last year:

Some resin control and medical panels from Antenocity's Workshop that I got as part of my Deadzone Kickstarter (the original one so that shows how long I've had these).

 photo EF26F2B3-1D3C-4E23-BCB2-8EB72567DD47_zpsps1ncn5j.jpg

These guys I assembled back in 2014 I think and they sat around forever (sometimes the motivation is just not there!). They are the bodies for the troops that came in the Robogear boxed set (great conversion bits there) and Cadian heads and arms. I plan to use them as Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

 photo 8CD97C02-9FF8-44A4-B089-CAF216C95F3F_zpsgldbuook.jpg

Knocked out a Contemptor for David:

 photo 79DBB523-671F-45B9-A358-945C74667B95_zpsgzk6bmaz.jpg

The dumpster is from Reaper's Chronoscape line and was a delight to assemble and paint. Usually this sort of thing is in resin and as such more expensive. These are made from the same or similar plastic as their Bones line but is a little more rigid. I pre-ordered this as well as a police call box and a shipping container. If I like how the container looks and paints up, I may buy a few more as it would be very useful for warehouses, storage areas, ports, etc. and again much cheaper than other options for this sort of thing I have seen.

Put together this scratchbuild using a Republic Shuttle and parts leftover in his Fire Raptor:

 photo 0E2A3D8A-32CE-43A4-8853-A7E5C12E25E3_zpsivy43lx4.jpg

 photo 9F17B0BD-1014-4F18-BCDB-1FAA8A8EBB70_zpsyycojbg3.jpg

I rebuilt a jacked up Skyshield from my FLGS and painted it. What you see is essentially the only usable parts left on the model. The stands were gone, the shields were gone. The tower was built using spare parts of mine and what was left on the sad, sad thing. I had to cut off all the areas where the shields connected. It was a lot of work but the revised version is pretty solid (in the physical sense; it is going to get banged up a lot at the store).

 photo 30719661-60C3-4969-9A83-1A03949120AA_zpsexcjgyi1.jpg

I got started on building ruins for the FLGS; it needs some work still and has gone to the back burner due to the upcoming Port Maw Narrative Apoc game up in San Antonio. More on that to follow.

 photo 864D26B2-96D0-477D-A239-01E1469359A2_zps6ijfnbos.jpg

 photo BCB0C7CB-7030-49B5-8E6B-5FA924548AB4_zpscjzwp0vz.jpg

And lastly knocked out another Talon for myself:

 photo 78AFD512-194C-45EE-81BB-70074DA207A3_zpsxituqpwf.jpg

There is still more to come. I did some repaints of Inquisitorial and Rogue Trader era figures, some more Faux Talons for David (just need to paint the pilots-putting them together was the most challenging part), some giant trees for terrain, a ton of emplacements for David, but most importantly my contribution for this year's Toys for Tots; Necrons. With December being the deadline I promised they would go to the front of the list in November and as such have started assembly. I want them done no later than mid month.

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