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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Toys For Tots 2015 and Other Stuff

This year the theme army I signed up for is Necrons. to

 photo C0F3AF66-38DA-4C9E-8CA7-63A7C4DC4678_zpsknzuwke3.jpg

 photo 50E610D9-76D8-4360-8F24-1015C177A8DE_zpsnokplvob.jpg

 photo A0670C2B-A862-4D72-B3D3-18CBED73070F_zpsufmjcupt.jpg

In other projects, repainted some old figs
 photo DE251378-CE14-45F0-8478-CD7B272BAEB2_zpsprmxdwig.jpg

A Storm Talon for my Ultramarines:
 photo 78AFD512-194C-45EE-81BB-70074DA207A3_zpsxituqpwf.jpg

And some more Faux Talons for David's Imperial Fists
 photo D494668F-F23E-48C8-A09C-4D2903949F03_zpstx1km2l7.jpg

Lastly, some forest/death world/jungle terrain. I need to paint the tops black to symbolize that it goes all the way up and add some lichen forest it out somewhat but at this stage it is functional.
 photo 86B8DF91-9C0C-4443-859B-EDFE5C877A07_zpsb4eyuhyx.jpg

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