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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Spring of Flyers Continues

A couple years ago GW was rumored to have a Summer of Flyers. Like most of the GW rumors it turned out to be bunk (although the flyers did come). I decided to do my own spring of flying based models. I also have been doing some tank work for David who plays Imperial Fists. The results are as follows:

 photo B3214DB3-357B-402B-AB71-9350110C3B5C_zpsubuljily.jpg

 photo 6576E9B0-6437-4250-850F-B1901F231EB2_zpstapzgjqd.jpg

 photo 18CD3695-CCB7-4099-970D-5A4D11C153AC_zps0rlqryys.jpg

 photo A8386FEC-8A8C-4F3F-8FD7-949E2DB2FC1F_zpsccxlts1k.jpg

 photo 1498814D-781E-45E4-98D2-09EC09ED2DCB_zpspzkymfpw.jpg

 photo AB5EB006-CD93-4607-A055-30B6656D7C39_zps5okcic0x.jpg

I plan to follow up with some Faux Talons for David and then one final huge flyer (followed by some jump infantry-not quite flyers but hey, whatever works) and by then Spring will be done and maybe I'll get caught up with some boxed sets for summer.

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