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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bug Problem

[Originally posted April 29, 2010]

Here are my 15, er, 14, 13, 12!? Genestealers. Why the numbers. I originally had 15, seemed to have lost one, broke the leg off of one (after it was painted), and forgot put one in the picture. Worse, not real happy with how the Army Painter came out on these guys; the overall tone is fine but the stuff glooped in several bad places (like faces). Not pleased. It seems like the more I use the stuff, the worse things are coming out, rather than the other way around.


Here are my Spore Mines, left over from the 4th Ed boxed set. I'm content with how they turned out:

Last, here are my objective markers. Very pleased with how they turned out:

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