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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spaaaaaaaaaaaace Marines!

[Originally posted July 07, 2010]

From my as yet to be re-named chapter (from the Battle of McCragge sprue-yes they are that old):


I have kept the Nabooesque basing scheme to maintain parity with the rest of the chapter. I need to some refit on their thunderhawk then post an ego shot of the entire army.

Here are the rest of the bits from that sprue, force field pylons and (I think) a teleport beacon:


Note that they have a bitchin' ride that I made years ago. Currently it partially diassembled and will be rennovated as soon as I finish up my current projects:

Also note, this is how it arrived after the packers put dumbells in the same box. It has since gotten better.


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