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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Figures for Deathwatch Demo

Here they are in all of their glory:
From left to right Space Wolves, Ultramarines Apothicary, Death Angel with Jump Pack, and Blood Angel with heavy bolter. Some of the parts are a bit unconventional, but I was scraping the bottom of the bitz barrel. Case in point the apothicary's backpack, churgical equipment (to adapt to 40k-speak), and (not seen in the pict) apothicary symbol on the knee are all conversions or scratch-built, the heresy-ear jump pack on the death angel (because I don't have any "modern" jump packs)and Rogue Trader-era power glove. The Space Wolf's hair and fur on the shoulder are green stuff. Not sure if I like how either turned painting-wise but it was good practice if nothing else.


And in a complete coincidence having absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming demo game or anything I just happend to violate my self-imposed ban on buying GW to get a broodlord and have him painted by today. Coincidence. Really.

And this one actually is a leftover project from the last batch I was working on.

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