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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Direct from Central Casting

[Originally posted May 31, 2010]

"Yeah Sid, I need some characters. Mainly for Rogue Trader but you know, whatever. Yes they can be non-union. Okay first, I want some guard types. No take the old guys and make them taller. I don't care, give them leg extentions of you have to. Fine, just put the commander on a higher base but give him some decent arms. Sure he can double as a naval officer if he has to."


"Great, now I need some official looking types and a techie of some kind. Ditch the wrench and give her a cable or something."


"Okay now I need some evil. Give me five zombies. Yeah I want them pretty generic but you can make one of them kind like a Cadian. Now, in the middle I want something demonic that says, 'You've summoned me accidentally and now I want to eat your soul.' Yeah the tall blue guy will do."


"Great. Yeah we need to do lunch some time. Talk to my people about next week. Don't ever change Sid."

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