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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hive Goodness/First Tyranid/Why Did The Frak Did I Start With HQ?

[Originally posted January 20, 2010]

Hive Tyrant:

First time out with the current hotness, dip (Army Painter Strong Blend). My instincts say that Delvan Mud (a GW wash) is better and after the dip dried I was a bit nervous but after some matte coat I found I did enjoy the results. Seriously, though, I should not have started with the tyrant; a couple test gaunts would have made more sense. Still, the effect is not bad. The reason I started with the Tyrant is that HQ is the first model for the 40K Radio year-long monthly painting challenge and I was feeling under the gun to complete the speed challenge.

I also started in on the three vehicles.

I was going to sign on with the 52 figures in 52 weeks over at blogspot but when I went to post my stuff I found that I had lost my log-in and have no idea what name I was going to use or how to get on. Grrrr at my own stupidity.

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