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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Evil, Lurking in the Hearts of Men, Feeding on Fear and Ignorance Like a Seven Headed Hydra!

[Originaly Posted December 14, 2009]

Now that is an obscure one for you. Super points to the one who can name that quote.

In the mean time, feeling a bit of burnout on figures (not good-I need to get kicking on my Rogue Trader figs and I only have this week to get them done) I started in on my Forge World Hydra. The turret and the weapons worked fine but the upper and rear hull attachments are garbage. They are simultaneously too long and too thin and I had to cut like a news floor editor, then correct where I had over cut, then putty the inevitable gaps. The good news is that I expanded the envelope oh-so-slightly with some green putty rivets. Boosha.* Not sure when I'll paint it; I was hoping to do so with the command Chimera and multi-function leman russ demolisher kit, and I don't plan on hitting those until January.


Speaking of January, over at 40k Radio (known by my Freeboota handle "Veez" which is what I use on most other forums) I have signed up for the next army painting challenge. It kicks off in January with HQ units. Essentially you have two weeks to paint up a particular unit type (HQ, Troops, Fast Attack, etc). Since the Tyranids book is coming out in January and I just happen to have everything I need to do this without spending any more money (okay, maybe some paint and brushes but you get the idea) it is perfect. Now I just need to settle on a color scheme. I'm thinking green with bone plates for a kind of dinosaur look.

*There is a story behind that. Ask me some time you are really bored.

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