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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Miniatures of the Year Brought to You by Freem's Livestock

Best Grovet Bulls this side of Gardner's Paradise. Plenty of livestock available, unless those darn orks raid us again....


These are going to be "terrain" for next week's modern redeux of the Rogue Trader classic "Battle at the Farm." In this case, ork raiders will go up against local planetary militia (imperial guard) in defense of Freen's Homestead. Hopefully I'll have the rest of the terrain up by then.

also in the works, I have some scouts for the 2012 Freeboota Challenge, and a predator that I am converting over to Ultramarines.

Over the break I also got in two games. In the first, which I heavily documented, I was-well you'll see the battle report but it was not the Ultras finest hour. The second that I completely failed to photograph I soundly defeated Necrons, although at the time it did not feel like it. More details to follow on both shortly.

Lastly, the redacted by the Inquisition vehicle that I built last year was a mycoetic spore that I did for a friend of mine:


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