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Saturday, January 14, 2012

To Catch A Predator...

For our latest predator we had one of our interns pose as a twelve year old girl on a science fiction chat room. Shortly after, today's subject came on. When we asked how old he was, he replied that parts of him dated back to the Horus Heresy (clearly he was not a minor). The conversation covered various topics, but when our intern brought up the move "Avatar" and how much she liked the Na'vi he immediately became aggitated and wanted to come over. We gave him our address and waited.


When he came in he seemped suprised to find us here. I asked him to sit, he said he preferred it idle in place. I asked him what he expected to find when he came here. He replied, "A heretic xenos-lover who would need to be purged." I aked him what he would "purge" her with (we have visited several websites and are unsure which connotation he was referring to). He implied that he would use his "heavy bolters" but he also had these with him:


He claimed they were his " magnetized lascannon sponsons". Again we have scoured the internet and so-called kink sites try to find what these are but they have eluded us.


When the officers we had on hand attempted to apprehend him, he blew up their squad car and departed. We chose not to follow.

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