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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Tough Saying Goodbye...

After longer than I can remember, I am parting with my Warzone figures. I have had some of these figures for decades and they have literally gone halfway around the world with me. The problem is no one around here plays Warzone, and for good reason, it's pretty dead. I hate to say this, I've been trying to carry the torch but my heart is no longer in it. The other problem is that I'm moving soon and have a weight limit and these boys and girls seriously tip the scale in the wrong direction. I loved first edition, hated second editon, and was moderately okay with third. I also loved the RPG but I never play it, can't find anyone who wants to, and even when I do finally settle back where I came from in three years the other players have probably moved on to newer (and supported-rot in hell Target Games) stuff. I will be giving my figures to some players in the semi-local area who will still use them. I know that trying to sell them on Ebay would be more hassle than they are worth so at least I know they are going to good homes.

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