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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Liberation of Lemnos Part Three: Jungles of Heresy

The Jungles of Lemnos
The librarian of the Imperial Fists has a vision of an object of great power in the jungles to the south. He informs the commander that this relic must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the forces of Abbadon. However, from across the void, other minds have become aware of the danger hidden in the ruins and make their own plans.
 photo 86B24D3D-F179-4D2C-B6DC-62F922E679AC_zpsddijczzk.jpg

 photo 0B2720AF-5712-4E67-9DA6-261EF60AB8ED_zpslyckvrjl.jpg

The Imperial Fists moved cautiously through the steamy vegetation, noticing strange and possibly Xenos ruins jutting up from the rotting soil. Suddenly a clout of splinter and shiruken fire tore into the dismounted troops. From the sky an elder fighter strafed the chapter relic Sicaran, rendering it useless. Under the cover of jetbikes and a wave serpent, the elder pathfinders moved forward and secured the relic, but as they began to withdraw, they came across a herd of wild grox.
 photo 267E1490-4D5A-4FCD-9ACC-8A9AE3D0C6B8_zpsbeotzbef.jpg

 photo EFADB558-43FF-4226-AE15-CAA952846CE3_zpsnlws4bqy.jpg

 photo 1A622CF7-4D5C-4F3E-B415-2BA7E08F632F_zpsujyxpj5m.jpg

As the battle raged on and the Imperial Fists were cut down mercilessly, the elder found more resistance from the grox. At last they made their way past the brutish animals and also killed the grox. The elder corsairs blended back into the jungle, their prize in hand leaving the terrain strewn with the bodies of the fallen Imperials. The liberation of Lemnos had suffered it’s first major setback from a totally unexpected quarter. With both the razorback and Sicaran laid low and over sixty five battle brothers fallen, the Imperial Fists would be hard-pressed to continue the fight. But continue they would. First, however, there was the matter of retrieving the fallen and their sacred gear. The Eldar pirates had vanished as mysteriously as they had arrived, but other eyes had made note of the battle and it’s fallen treasures. Recovery would not be unopposed.

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