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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Liberation of Lemnos Part Two: The Streets of Lemnos

The Iron Hands begin to liberate Lemnos by attacking a force of Renegade PDF in the closest city to the landing point they had established with the Imperial Fists.

 photo D29A215C-AAE5-462A-A46D-7289014BD88B_zpskyfm8fuw.jpg

 photo D29A215C-AAE5-462A-A46D-7289014BD88B_zpskyfm8fuw.jpg

 photo A244AA30-11C1-4522-B096-984E04DC9BCF_zpsc3gkq1pe.jpg

 photo E0F91116-9DC7-4935-9FF5-D12483C6981B_zpsvpzqsawr.jpg

 photo 48583E55-943F-46D9-8CFE-6C75C7CC2FAE_zpskmorp6xp.jpg

 photo 86E884C2-048C-4F94-B126-740194483C5E_zpsylabzjjj.jpg

 photo A5BD56EE-9A6B-44B6-942F-EED9AD600A1F_zpsnvrfja8o.jpg

 photo 6D291179-F1BB-4A4D-B8CE-4E1BA131C78C_zpsev3sy9js.jpg

 photo 286B19C3-4038-405A-B9BE-9097966DC786_zpsl5quz0mc.jpg

 photo 47EEF1A0-4111-47D3-BFCF-3D0CFA5572AB_zpsjufgbewa.jpg

 photo 857FA9C5-4963-4537-A95B-3AF341DBC802_zpsdkxj5lng.jpg

 photo F195F39D-B3A1-492D-A60F-7BF6030BB21B_zpsyrp4djwr.jpg

 photo C95D6377-EB99-466A-96B8-516BD10F7B4A_zpswi4mfpuf.jpg

Chaos Turn 2
Chaos kills a couple of scouts but little else.
Imperial Turn 2
Demagog’s command squad is wiped out. The Contemptor opens up on the squad of Chaos Space Marines who break like small children. The first heretic tank is destroyed.

 photo B8493B6F-F1CC-4729-9CBD-8EDE3F5C9A4F_zps3hwjl29l.jpg

 photo 9F764E10-F5E0-4C97-8A3E-8B082B94F5E8_zpsrkwo867n.jpg

 photo B219BFF1-87DB-4171-8448-0725A86F647A_zpsqpqoudy0.jpg

 photo B71BF61C-32FB-4610-ADA7-D161E749CC94_zpsyoaigcet.jpg

Chaos Turn 3
The Hydras open fire on the Talon causing minor damage to the Storm Talon. The heretic tanks open fire on the rhino and tac marines, wiping them out (finally). The heretic platoon to the right continues to move forward on the scouts at objective two, pushing them back but unable to get close enough to take the objective for themselves.
Imperial Turn 3
Imperials close in with the vindicator taking out the majority of the chaos space marines.

 photo B71BF61C-32FB-4610-ADA7-D161E749CC94_zpsyoaigcet.jpg

 photo 6A931B89-1FD1-4B52-852C-AD56938172AD_zpsknvx7pdu.jpg

 photo F05E37DE-D20C-47EE-AA37-BFA0276B8F90_zpsbn6fqpde.jpg

Chaos Turn 4
The remaining CSM charges the vindicator and fails to penetrate with his krak grenade. One of the remaining heretics opens fire with his melta gun on the side armor of the vindicator and yet impotently fails to penetrate.
Imperial Turn 4
The dread charges the tanks, destroying one. The contemptor wipes out the last of the heretic guard.

 photo 7984145A-A39A-4B8D-8EDB-9222D21AC958_zpsfmcl5pji.jpg

 photo 3EA0404C-2EBA-44BF-AF5F-CBE60A79685D_zpsmhn1grkr.jpg

Chaos Turn 5
The Demagog fires his plasma pistol at the dread about to charge him. Meanwhile the hydras continue to spew at the Talon, causing another hit (the previous damage was repaired by the Iron Hand’s Feel No Pain rule).
Imperial Turn 5
The Dread charges, tying up the heretic squad but causing no casualties. The scouts retake their objective and brace for Chaos to charge. Mysteriously the forces of Chaos fall back, abandoning the city to the Imperials. The liberation of Lemnos has begun in earnest.

 photo 777A4A98-8E85-46D0-8434-923494C04DFA_zpsxjqok88v.jpg

 photo BEDD0D7B-054F-4622-AE44-F1C85D15E1F9_zpsyu1opgjo.jpg

The Iron Hands commander looked out on the wreckage of the city. The burning tanks thre up plumes of smoke. Resistance had been light an poorly organized. He wondered how ling it would continue.

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