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Friday, February 6, 2015

Second Model for the Year; Imperial Fists Sicaran

This is the third Sicaran I have assembled and the best molded one. I would like to put together one more for my Black Legion. This is for David's birthday (he already knows we got this for him since his birthday was last month and shipping went long). I painted it to match the Rhino/Razorback and Drop Pod I had already done up for him.

 photo 62D1D21B-5982-4C39-90F3-663617763537_zpsyipmp8w6.jpg

 photo B8320F49-280E-417F-A842-DE3FA54D2305_zpsnaiqvnce.jpg

Meanwhile I have a ton of Ultramarines I have put together who are waiting for some barrel drilling and then let the games begin!

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