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Saturday, March 7, 2015

February Wrap Up

Painted for the month of February:

Did a bit of terrain starting with a Honored Imperium. Not 100% on how the patina of corrosion came out on the statue but it can slide for now. Mixed with that were Quonset huts that Fantasy Flight had on sale for Dust: Tactics. From my slight military background I fondly remember Quonset huts and they were a mush have for any military installation based game (perhaps one will need to be raided for supplies for Lemnos). My thanks to Ryan for buying this originally at a Black Friday sale and reselling them to me. They were quick and easy to paint up. Some day I may go back and add some rust but I figure the types of troops who have to live in these things (Planetary Defense Force and Astra Millatrarum that are on garrison duty) are constantly being made to touch up the paint, or rake the rock gardens out in front, or pick up the trash around them (such fond memories that brings back-I can see a trooper with a malfunctioning weed wacker trying to get a tech priest to repair it so he can trip the pathways).

 photo 2163665B-2074-495D-9053-8F1CAC0D1D06_zpsqve1m0qp.jpg

 photo 7293D4E6-89CA-482D-B0D3-B1FCFADFFB21_zpsoca9gabm.jpg

I also got back in the mix of doing my Ultramarines (yes you wish I would shut up about them). I knocked out a venerable dread:

 photo 35017D5A-210D-413B-B122-ECE8A3C22B54_zpswbvmgauh.jpg

Then I started working on some Horus Heresy stuff (plus a Legion of the Damned troop to round that squad out to ten-Hey! What are you doing here? Come back in 10000 years!). I did three scratch built apothacaries and two more heavy weapons guys for a support squad (or two at this point). I also painted up a flamer support squad. I need to go back and do a meltagun one eventually. I converted the flamers using standard ones, cutting off the nozzle and the lower pipe, shortening the barrel, and using a leftover barrel from an IG/AM vehicle heavy flamer. It leaves a flat spot on the back but you can either model it up with putty or glue it on where it is not showing.

 photo 0EB3F488-91D0-4110-AC71-A5245EA1DA92_zpsauoxpghw.jpg

I also knocked out this breacher squad. There are so many third party products in the picture it is not funny. Sorry Forge World but your shipping is killing me.

 photo 13F7D1C9-B663-474C-8F5B-1B969501F42A_zpsy035k9nx.jpg

Starting out March I have more HH tac marines to try and flesh their numbers out as well as a landing pad. After that, well my intent is to make the remainder of March and April the month of flyers (and landers and skimmers) but we will see how much of that I am able to squeeze in. What is important is that I have no shortage of figures to paint.

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