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Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Dregs of 2013

A couple late entries. To crew Da Hind, I knocked out these guys (Warning-some of these miniatures may be older than you!):

 photo IMG_0109_zps253a180a.jpg
This group includes some original plastic orks spruced up with bits from newer kits as well as some Rogue Trader era metals.

Finishing off my third Deathwing squad I did these guys:
 photo IMG_0114_zps1ac61664.jpg

And for help in a game I didn't get to play due to illness I had painted up these guys:
 photo A826FCEF-CB4D-49AA-B890-F465573C04DE_zpsvbxhwz46.jpg

Year-end roundup to follow. I've got a couple left that need a few finishing touches.

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