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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the Year Closeout 2013

My last three models of the year are first, this repurposed original Terminator Librarian which I painted up for my Dark Angels. This figure is probably older than some of you-you can tell because it is made out of actual lead (I can hear the overprotective mothers of the world gasping). Sorry for the blurry photo-still getting used to a new light and closeup pics on my iPhone:

 photo EE5DAED9-5A1A-4E04-9F4E-E467846DDF37_zpszxtsda95.jpg

This land speeder was an Ebay purchase that I thought was for a classic metal land speeder that I had intended to use for 30k. I had to strip it down and buy weapons for it as they were not included. However I am please with how it came out and it deserved to get a quick paint job.

 photo CA1779E1-4B6C-43FC-80E7-BD2E787D76C3_zpsqjc9revx.jpg

Finally, to end the year on a bang, here is the repaint of my scratchbuilt Thunderhawk. With Escalation out and the proliferation of Apocalypse in the local area, maybe I will get it back to the table this year.

 photo 26CD07B8-B190-4745-9257-4B4BD2EF8DF3_zpsdcjhpprd.jpg

 photo 091AA0F0-3D2A-4ACD-B9E7-E223825A52D8_zpsxglnwdwu.jpg

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