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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013's Grand Figure Tally

Adding things up, this year's total came to:

204 Figures
13 Vehicles
16 Terrain Pieces (or sets)
1 Marker

Compared to last year's

145 Figures
25 Vehicles
18 Terrain Pieces
12 Markers

My overall theme for this year was paring down my list of anchient projects I have been wanting to do. I think I made great strides in this.

Obviously in figures this year blew last year away by a long shot. This year's focus was primarily on Dark angles but my Black Legion was a close second with finishing off my Ultramarines a close third. My goal for next year will be to finish off the Dark Angels (what I have purchased currently) and maybe add a Terminator squad to the mix, using Deathwing parts to sex it up. I would not mind a couple small figures for my Black Legion (scorcerer's and the like) and maybe a couple monsterous creatures but I think they are done for the most part. We'll see after I pick up the Black Legion supplement.

Vehicles not as much in quantity but cerainly in quality. I am really happy how well my two ork scratchbuilds turned out this year and will look forward to doing more in the future. Da Hind especially-I have had the base model for that build sitting around for at least five years to knocking that out finally and it turning out as well at it did was pleasing. I still want to build a rectangular base for it as a counts-as battlewagon and I still need a flight base for the T-hawk as the old one is missing, but again, really happy to get those done.

Terrain pieces were the real winners of getting stuff done. Some of those bits and unpainted parts dated back to 2000. I had give large boxes of bits for conversions and it has been pared down to two. Of course in the process it created six boxes of terrain but that is a small price to pay for progress right?

Next year I am going to be going through some massive life changes with a lot of uncertainty. I plan on using the hobby to keep me sane during this time but my purchasing time and power may be severely limited. Like any good hobbyist, I have plenty of projects on backlog and materials purchased to see me through so the theme of completing unfinished work will continue.

I wish you all the best in the new year and thanks for visiting!

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