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Friday, September 3, 2010

Chaos Terminators Pt 5 And Friends

The centaruminators are done and ready for primer and painting:


In addition, I have a squad of homemade Chaos Obliterators ready to go:

Third in my cavalcade of Chaos, the Freebootaz Challenge for September is Fast Attck:
I finally found a primer worth the money. My usual standard, Krylon, failed me and went all spotty first time out of the can so I've set that aside for use some time in a modelling project. Instead I bought some Army Painter white primer and so far so good.

Finally, to prove that I have not entirely given myself over to the dark gods, here is my Imperial ground crew, ready to start engines and taxi loyalist Valkyries and other aircraft:

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  1. Your Obliterators are way cooler than the "actual" models.