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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chaos Bikers and Company

Where are the Centaurminators? Before I did them I wanted to practice the paint job on some troops to get it down better. In addition I had my Freebootaz monthly challenge to complete (which meant additional practice). Because of the nature of the monthly challenge (it started with elites) I didn't have a time to work with my Tyranid paint scheme before knocking out the high-value units (i.e. Hive Tyrant).
It goes without saying that these guys are Black Legion. First up, five Chaos Space Marines:

Next up, four bikers:

After this are the Centaurminators and the Obliterators. After that, I'll alternate between troops and terminators probably, plus a second-hand Defiler that is going to need some serious work to bring it up to par, Cypher and a squad of fallen, and a chaos greater demon conversion or two-and that's just the stuff I actually have on hand. I also have two IG Hydras I'm working on, the ground crew, a couple of weapons teams, and at least one Zoanthrope (and let's face it-he'll need a friend or two since they work better in groups), oh and a dreadnaught and squad of Ultramarines I pledged for this year's 40k Radio Toys for Tots project. I'll probably knock those out after the hyras but before the rest of the Chaos stuff, just to get them done with and off my chest.

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