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Friday, June 16, 2017

The Cult Rises

I have at last started work on my Genestealer Cult. Technically this is the second cult I've owned. Though not my original figures, the first group dates back to this era.

This first group is a mix of the original lead (!) cultists, some plastic bodies I traded Ryan for, and leftover arms from a long gone project that looked suitable exotic on this figures.

I call these the Deplorables. They are scum of the cult. They live in the ash wastes and on the lowest levels of the hive. They are the eyes and ears amongst the lowest levels of Imperial society.

 photo 3F5451A7-6103-45DD-BB93-4555F044987B_zpsvajbjgd2.jpg

These figures are the first born. They are made from the original plastic hybrids. I did, however, decide that the original heads were just too derpy so I swapped them out with some leftover purestrain heads from the literally dozens I have sitting unassembled. With the Deplorables, these are a mix of old and new bits to include some easily recognizable parts and some that have not seen production in at least a decade, maybe two.

 photo 5D233D90-AD99-4E24-9946-F2AEBF4D8613_zpsrjs8mvi5.jpg

Next up will be the familiars which will be a mix of old and new as well, then on to the new figures.

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  1. Very cool! As nice as the new GSC models are, it's nice to see the old ones used too. I look forward to seeing more!