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Monday, May 29, 2017

40K Spaceport Equipment

Going off of the sea port or airport model, spaceships need fuel and supplies right? I built these two items to fit that bill. First is a utility vehicle. Often service crews will use them to jet around, delivering tools and spare parts to repair jobs. This one will eventually have two trailers attached to it for moving ordinance to combat vehicles.
The cart is a John Deer Polaris-style toy from Tractor Supply Company. No changes were made; just prime and paints. Super easy and great for random utility vehicles.

 photo CBBD9E65-4D68-47FF-A894-CD27BBFE64E1_zpsef44bcne.jpg

Second is a fuel truck. Not really sure what cannon fuel is for 40K spaceships (some variant on promethium maybe) but whatever this stuff is, it likes to explode. The truck is a toy from the latest Fast and Furious movie series. The detailing is just perfect for 40K and I am fighting not to get more for other random service vehicles. The trailer was scratch built from parts I had laying around and some leftover cubes from the moisture vaporator project. It's one of those projects that I have been wanting to make for an long time for some reason.

My intent is for it to be an objective for either a sabotage mission, or an Apocalypse spaceport seizure mission where it can be destroyed (obviously exploding Michael Bay style causing D [or the 8th ed equivalent] to everything within 12 inches, but both sides would lose victory points. What is the point of seizing a spaceport if you blow the dang thing up in the process? Both the cart and the fuel truck and trailer are painted yellow-I figure it is a fairly generic color that says utility but works in both a military (the ones on the base I work at are yellow) or civilian context.

 photo 294C9E97-E3FB-457C-902E-6C42811DC043_zps0c4tufa2.jpg

 photo E6ECDB6D-CABB-49D1-B515-DACDBAC6ADBD_zpsmzrzuydi.jpg

Eventually I need to build the carts and convert over the cargo lifter but for now I have finally gotten started on my Genestealer Cult-the Year of the Bug has begun at last!

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