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Monday, May 1, 2017

40K Scale Cargo Ship

I decided I wanted something to flesh out the airfield/starport I built. Next up, I need a couple of industrial sized landing pads. The size of the main cargo secion was specifically designed for the GW cargo boxes to be able to fit. Theoretically the sides fold up and a lifting device slides the boxes in.

 photo D7286528-15FD-4C67-BBE1-D9E8735665E1_zpspsbdywor.jpg

 photo 3A3CD472-68C9-4D69-A738-236F593C7D97_zpsinsfa55m.jpg

Still deciding on if I want to model crew for the inside. Plenty of time to go back and add later.

 photo AE4F4D5D-4C4B-4CF3-99E2-C69D47AC56F7_zpsmkfjnow3.jpg

Clearly the engines will need to be overhauled. This was my first time to try this technique. Not super happy with the result but it was a worthy experiment.

 photo 549258EC-A6C4-4E8D-B79B-370B60BB1556_zpshoxa7cjo.jpg

 photo 4CD73E6B-B2C4-4C11-998F-643813E79C40_zpsjqu2oigw.jpg

And anyone who knows my work should have anticipated I was going to build two. Because I did. So there.

 photo F4870FF3-AD35-4BA6-BAAF-282D918E37CF_zpsbmdkz2xn.jpg

 photo 426D923E-2915-4173-A96E-38E2B2BD35E5_zpsjsbjr9lt.jpg

 photo 9763903D-C99A-4762-9BDA-CC13B9C16FE4_zpszrl0npxp.jpg

Construction started as some Star Wars toys, plasticard, tons of bits, and lots and losts of super glue and polystyrene plastic.

 photo 9E111765-C719-4A94-99CA-2AE1B1C611D5_zpsamwaavix.jpg

 photo B72DC812-5203-449E-84B4-D7E57FB2FD7F_zpsrlbfz6hu.jpg

I stripped the toy of spare bitz to reduce weight on the cargo section (I reinforced it and the details I added helped but I didn't want to stress the body). I foresee the parts making their way to an ork Gargant or something. Lots of good parts.

 photo 2343F449-F5A7-423D-A84B-B6AFD702BED1_zpssc4zgelk.jpg

 photo F21BE425-3A45-41BB-8240-B95486CAB613_zpsqwvlxurw.jpg

 photo 48C2E3EA-F515-4FAC-957D-D5F6C8DF409D_zpsketsxlxl.jpg

 photo 1E4BD368-41D7-42C5-BE20-926F712CE2A5_zpsl6npf606.jpg

 photo D67AB260-3FB3-4B5E-BCCB-1A1D505A16EC_zpsya7w68qo.jpg

 photo EB117C0D-9CF9-4C50-AFC3-3E7FE021F9FA_zpsvldretcq.jpg

 photo 2EF0864F-89E4-4D0E-8DCD-933B2C66163F_zpseyfxdiz0.jpg

 photo AAC2B7ED-09B3-4DCF-9098-E8E1594839FE_zps98x5mbiy.jpg

 photo 6149938E-E778-4748-BAEF-4A4C5632546A_zps3xu7ekmz.jpg

 photo F471E8D3-DB38-4A8E-B037-F54608C5FADA_zpsvmbobrua.jpg

 photo 936EB086-ABB8-4FFD-946F-552380D4E8F6_zpsfwe4kiim.jpg

 photo 48F1796B-459F-4CC7-BC3D-9AF1C70DD6A5_zpsoqutpmaz.jpg

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