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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Rotting Underbelly

Second to last mix of old and new are the familiars; odd creatures that congregate around the cult's psykers.

 photo 648726DD-7F74-4369-9AA9-52D277B83CFB_zpsewm3ndg3.jpg

The Aberrant are a strange mix of sickly and powerful, mutant and evolution. Even the cult which takes all comers lookes upon them with disdain. However that does not stop then from forcing them to do hard labor by day and as shock troops when the cult rises up.

 photo 970B7D92-C9EB-4C01-A8F6-AFAF689B4E98_zpswvmlykhj.jpg

The Favored Sons are the grunts of the cult. They fill all tiers of the settlement, seemingly hard workers who toil away for the good of the settlement.

 photo 92D70551-1771-48B7-BB0D-368DE74322D3_zps3ldcqnuq.jpg

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