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Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016 Roundup

Final count for 2016 (estimated):

Figures: 222
Vehicles: 23
Terrain: 24

Figures were way up this year. Vehicles about the same with terrain pieces down. For 2017 that is going to change.

First off I have a job change so my life should go to a much more 9-5 workday (8-4:30 but you get the point) with no weekends, evenings, or travel for work expected. Plus a pay raise of sorts (the old job was commission and paid for garbage for the amount of work being put into it).

Already I have built four vehicles for a friend (I don't really count those since I'm not painting them-they go in a sort of grey area).

My goals for 2017 are as follows:

1) Paint all my 2016 purchases (not many left so that should be easy)
2) Paint all my 2015/2016 built but not painted terrain
3) Declare 2016 (or at least the first half) the "Year of the Bug". I have some great Tyranid figs (maybe this year they will get a decent codes) and Genestealer Cult figures plus I want to round out my AM figures as allies. I have some great plans for Port Maw next year in this regard.
4) More Terrain. This fell a little by the wayside although the pieces I did build (train set I am looking at you proudly) I am really pleased with. I have some factory parts from a Mantic Kickstarter I want to turn into actual scenery. I might expand my jungle bases a little as well.
5) Build another dream project. This year I got two done; the train and the overpasses (awaiting painting). This year I'm thinking of among the following: a) Crashed Imperial Spaceship b) Modular City Base Board c) Scratchbuilt Warlord Titan or d) Leviathan/Capital Imperialis (just wish there were updated rules for it).

Other projects will include finishing off my current batch of Ultramarines and my son's Space Wolves that he got for Christmas and some I got as blood money for those tanks I built. Seriously Ryan-can't you buy used Rhinos from people who know how to put them together?

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