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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Overdue by Several Months

So this is most of what I finished out 2016 with. I say most of because there are about 30 more chaos figures I pumped out for Port Maw that I never documented to include a greater demon, some blood letters, regular Black Legion, and Berserkers of Khorne that I just did not take pictures of before I had to pack them away for the trip.

I did achieve my primary goal of painting all of the figures I bought in 2015. I failed however to paint all the terrain I made in 2015; the airfield pieces got left behind. No matter, I will get them caught up as part of this coming year.

 photo E14DBC69-092C-4DC0-81B2-4B287F5CC7A0_zpsuarys5ep.jpg

 photo 4983FC77-F30D-4D3D-A7A0-97FD4DA92346_zpslxfqxvmu.jpg

 photo E1660588-9F15-49AB-A2C0-DC3697E54ACE_zps6otuvy97.jpg

 photo B23585A8-F232-4F07-9361-C67006F64912_zps7ezlrmxj.jpg

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