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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vulture for Dinner

Today is Thanksgiving in the US and rather than dine on turkey, I'm dreaming of vulture!

This was a conversion using some leftover bits from a previous project. After some adjustment work on the tail sections, I am very pleased with how it turned out.

 photo 1AAFF950-FC46-4CB7-9394-A6840096CAAB_zpsezwtpp5d.jpg

 photo dd4faad8-9e2b-447e-982d-6cb8b0c9b6ae_zps5e94ab23.jpg

 photo 544554F3-F534-4282-9D2D-3E2B1B918B4B_zps9oscakjg.jpg

 photo C18C9BDA-1486-4C4B-B8F0-0A254AC3C594_zpsj8w8mgpx.jpg

 photo BB1EBF76-F589-4463-A43E-34C0DA38BE76_zpsdykzfxdx.jpg

 photo 539C4DB1-63F4-44C1-A856-34414867D851_zpsyvi6vthj.jpg

 photo C7A5E900-ECCB-4AF7-B1F5-0C6D352D5C3A_zpsorqs5ys3.jpg

Okay, that project is off of my bucket list. Now back to obligations!

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