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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shields! SHIELDS!

++++Thought For The Day: Duty is All++++
++++To Tech Priest Cyan 6155792A++++
++++From Tech Priest Nu 1341 Omega++++
++++Subject Void Shield Generators++++
Blessing of the Omnimessiah be upon you. Per the terms of our agreement we have provided the void sheild generators to protect your defense network. First, you will see that the these are not the standard version. Due to a scarcity of the appropriate resins and their limited production run we were forced to adapt from local materials. The bunkers they units are mounted on are STC designs that have gone out of favor due to their limited size and ability to mount heavy weaponry. Although they have access hatches, they are filled to capacity with the sacred innards. The ramparts on top however can be accessed and manned in limited numbers. As there is not an adequate amount of sanctified skulls, these were not used in the construciton. You will need to conduct rites of appeasement more frequently to the machine spirits to ensure their harmonious blending of energies. I have encluded a recommendation for sweeetmeats and blessed oils to be offered and at what times. Second, please direct the local PDF commander to stop referring to the shield dispersal mechanism as "that shiny spinny bit" as is causes distress to the lay mantenance priests. I trust these generators will provide you with sufficient protection. May you find enlightenment in your oneness with them.

++++Message ends++++

In essence I did not have $106 USD to purchase one of the limited edition casts or a similar amount for a foreign recast so I made my own.

One is nice:
 photo F5526058-0660-4E4A-B512-D84574800CE5_zpsx2l3zy64.jpg

Three is better as that is how the are best deployed:
 photo CDF00690-507F-4E0A-8375-1FF8F67DAB57_zpsxurzjxcz.jpg

But I made six to share with a friend:
 photo 8DAB0B58-A38B-4978-96CF-25923ADBD2D6_zpswffvefj7.jpg

WIP Shots:
 photo 5D7A6F0E-4E86-4629-9D3F-4F1C3D5AEC0C_zpskhe0ztwy.jpg

 photo 3013E251-C4E2-4A74-840E-DFF388361F70_zpspy92iclb.jpg

 photo 629F2EEE-B028-4484-8F5D-4E4D329FA6D7_zpsczss9itx.jpg

Now I need a good Apoc game to use them in!

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