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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Visions of Saint Diego

Visons of Saint Diego

++++Thought for the day:++++
++++The eye sees much the mind cannot handle.++++
++++File Number LERHGE88877ZZ++++
++++File begins. The Imperium is filled with countless saints, some beautified and honored by entire segementums, others barely known and their veneration limited to one minor planet. St. Diego was one of these minor saints. Although screened and found negative of psyker taint, as a common priest St. Diego was doing a mind recording of scriptural lessons for his congregation when he began having visions. These visions seem to record heretical figures and events that were not known of at the time. They would have been dismissed and Diego purged as a heretic (albeit a reluctant one) when a vision resulted in preventing an assassination on the planetary governor by a disgruntled minor noble. At this point his works were sealed by the Inquisition and he was taken for further cerebral interpretation. His role in saving the governor’s live however resulted in his name being circulated among the masses and his legend grew. He was beautified fifty years after his death and ultimately declared a minor saint. His first images appear below as recovered imagery from recent attacks indicated that they may at last be coming to fruition. The discovery of ruins on Zeta Omnicron V match the ones he first envisioned. We are now debating on actively summoning the Dark Angels Space Marine chapter, although cryptic signs hint that they may already be involved in the region.

++Replay begins++ [Voice of St. Diego] And here we shall have a pict of a lad being switched with the phrase, “Penitence is the path to righteous-“ [Image shakes as St. Diego starts to convulse.

Image blacks out then new images stream in.] [Voice of St. Diego] I see the ruins of the [unintelligible] system….Vor [unintelligible] for which they seek!  photo IMG_0023_zps0b9d09fa.jpg

[Image changes] Several lords of Chaos! Several champions! One seeks power in the black legion-his breastplate taken from the noble Blood Angel and painted in shadow. The second shall gather many around him for his dread master. The third cares only for the blood he spills and the last, not a lord one given in wholly to slaughter! Their brother, trapped in living death has traded his soul for skulls and power in his walking tomb!

 photo IMG_0026_zpsa455a576.jpg

[Image changes] Cultist! Foul traitors who have bartered their souls for fleeting power but their deaths will be for naught as they join others of their kind. Their leader, cobbled together from many sources-his face a mask of gold, his cape of human flesh!  photo IMG_0027_zpsf39ab651.jpg

[Image changes] Angels of Death! Angels of Darkness! Do they brink redemption or salvation!?? I Know not!!!  photo IMG_0028_zps57676a5d.jpg

[St. Diego screams in torment and blacks out. The image goes to static as the machine spirits of the recorder reject the images coming from his mind.]

++Replay ends++
Troubling. I fear we have not seen the last of any of these individuals. I am assembling a kill team in order to- ++++Connection Lost++++
++++Reload Fail++++
++++Reload Fail++++
++++Reload Fail++++
++++There is no record of the file you seek++++

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