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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dark Angels and More Terrain

Here is my first two squads of Dark Angles (that are mine to keep):  photo IMG_0020_zps58572468.jpg  photo IMG_0018_zpsa991dc02.jpg These guys have been a total nightmare. First I simply bit off more than I usually chew and getting up the gumption to do twenty was harder than usual. Add to that I have had primer issues with the bases (basically what do you do with primer that refuses to dry!!!???) so I had to rescrub those all down and try again. Clearly I only partially learned my lesson because a could still turned out bad. Then the shoulder icon decal on the meltagun guy has been a pain in the butt and I am going to have to go back and redo that somehow. Currently debating either freehanding it (which I suck at) or doing up a press mould. The other big time drain was working on this project:  photo IMG_0016_zps56ba7422.jpg  photo IMG_0015_zps2e869784.jpg  photo IMG_0014_zps1f6b7442.jpg  photo IMG_0013_zps703be35b.jpg  photo IMG_0012_zps5e9d9ef2.jpg My only New Year's resolution this year was to knock out some projects that I have had sitting around for some time. This was one of them. Like most of my stuff it is supposed to be a multi-function engine/pump. It would be at home at the heart of a starship engine room, part of a promethium processing field, or on the floor of a hive factory. Equally important is that it blocks terrain but also has some points figures can climb for high ground. Good to get that one off of my chest. Now I think I will brave my Thunderhawk rebuild.

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